The Epic Timeline of Binance Exchange

Jul 31, 2021

The breakout of ICO is one of the most factor for the birth of binance

The Launch of BNB - July 08, 2017

In the initial days, 1 ETH equals 2.7k BNB and 1 Bitcoin equals 20K BNB. Now at the time of writing, 1 BNB = 0.010 BTC

Binance Exchange Launched  - July 14, 2017

On this fine day, 14th July, 2017, Binance has launched. with in just 45 days, binance has reached 120k active users and nearly 4k new registrations And Binance has gained a decent ranking in the CoinmarketCap within the short span of time

Binance Lab - October 2017

Binance Lab is the venture Capital of Binance started with the motto to empower Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and to extend support to budding crypto preneurs

LaunchPad - November 2017

Binance Launches launchpad and Launch pool for token listing. It provides all the support for business persons from Token Advertising before the Launch to Marketing

No 1 in coinmarket cap - December 2017

On December 17, 2017, Binance acquired the first position in the coinmarketcap just 6 months after the launch.and exceeds 1 billion USD. 

Reached 6M users - Januray  2018

In January 2018, Binance reached around 6M users.

Trust Wallet Acquisition - July 2018

Trust Wallet is an open source, anonymous, Decentralized Ethereum Wallet that supports ETH tokens which is the first public acquisition of Binance to provide  safe and secured services to the users.

Binance Academy - August 2018

Binance Academy is the free online education portal that helps traders as well as ordinary people to explore in detail about Blockchian technology,Bitcoin Market, Crypto Industry trends, etc,

Binance Charity - October 2018

Binance Charity is the non-profit organization raised for a good cause. During the outbreak of COVID-19 crises, binance has donated 3 million USD.

Binance Chain - April 2019

Binance Started realize the importance of its own blockchain and launched Binance Chain

Acquisition of Wazirx -November 2019

Binance Acquitted the indian based Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency exchange wazirx and it is considered as its second public acquisition

Binance DEX - February 2020

Binance launched its decentralized order matching engine which is built securely on the Binance chain that lets traders proceed with the trading without any intervention of third parties.

Binance Smart Chain -  September 2020

Binance smart chain is the blockchain that runs parallel to the binance chain which is EVM compatible that has the capability to run alone when Binance chain went offline

The Epic stroy of binance never failed to inspire budding cryptopreneurs to get into the cryptocurrency market, by making use of Binance Clone Script, the ready-made package of source code with basic features and functionalities of binance, one can kick start their own bitcoin exchange instantly and easily.

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