Tips to Change Google Chrome Default Language

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Oct 11, 2021

Like other browsers, Google Chrome also selects a language. But it can’t be the right one. In some cases, Google Chrome changes language without giving a warning. This can happen after running updates. However, Google Chrome enables you to adjust the language setting easily.

Google Chrome: Navigation Options and Settings

When you open Google Chrome after downloading it for the first time, the browser will choose the language according to your operating systems’ language. Google Browser also sets up other settings automatically for you. Also, Google Chrome easily saves all the websites you visit. Your browser will perform slowly if you have a larger database or archive and more storage space required.

We suggest you delete your browsing history regularly. You can save some web pages for further use using or creating bookmarks against the pages. Before you start using Google Chrome on your system, the navigation menu and options will be displayed. Below we will guide you step by step on how to change the Google Chrome language.

Steps to Change Google Browser Language

You need to open Google Chrome and then change the language. Before you change Google Chrome’s voice, you can save any content if you need it later. Otherwise, the web pages or content will get lost because the browser will restart once you changed the language. You need to save files or content and follow the below steps:

  • Open Google Chrome on your system and click right on the three-point icon that appears on the upper-right side of your screen.
  • Now, choose the Settings icon.
  • You can also go to the Google Chrome setting by entering chrome://settings/ into the address bar.
  • Now, go to the settings, and tap on the Advanced button to open additional options.
  • In the new section, scroll down to the Languages section. You can set up the Google Chrome language by clicking on the first option. Then, tap on the Language.
  • You are required to choose the Language to change the language settings displayed on the Google Chrome browser.
  • Check whether you see your preferred language or not.
  • Now, choose the three points in the row if your preferred language has been listed already.
  • You need to click on the three-point icon to open the respective menu if you can see your chosen language.
  • Next, select Display Google Chrome in this language.
  • To select the language, mark a checkmark in the box Display Google Chrome in this language.
  • Now, choose Add Languages if you can’t see the desired language.
  • If you can’t see your preferred language option, click Add Languages.
  • Go through all available languages, and choose the preferred language using a mouse click.
  • Search the language using the Search Function, and choose the desired control box.
  • Then, tap on the Add to save settings.
  • You can find your preferred language using the search button or by scrolling to add it to the display languages list.
  • You can’t see the desired language.
  • Tap on the Restart button to Chrome to display the newly selected language. The browser will open automatically. Once you reopen it, the chromes’ browser will appear in the new language.
  • You can apply the altered settings once you click on the Restart button.

Quick Overview on How to Change Google Chrome Language

You can change the Google Chrome language by following the steps given below:

  • Open Google Chrome on your system.
  • Click on the Settings.
  • Now, expand the displayed settings and tap on the Language icon.
  • Select the preferred language and press Display Google Chrome in this language.
  • Click on the Add Languages icon if you can’t see the preferred language.
  • Finally, tap on the Restart button.
  • You can see the changed settings once you restart the browser.

Conclusion Google Chrome is the most recommended browser that users generally use all the time. It provides plenty of features to customers and helps in increasing their user experience. People mostly face language issues while working on the browser. But, you can now change the Google Chrome default language just using simple steps.