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Jul 19, 2021


First off, are you talking strictly web development as in coding? Front-end? Back-end? Are talking about the visual design as well? There’s a huge distinction between these three roles… which one do you want to showcase? Are you specialized in a particular language? Visual style? Industry niche? All these will factor into what to show and how you present your work

Ultimately, you want to present projects/cases where your expertise helped solve a problem and/or challenge. Pick a few projects that you’re proud of, write a summary of the challenges/objectives and then explain how your expertise solved the problems and provided value to your client/boss.

If working on collaborative projects, make sure you clarify what your role was and what your contribution to the project was along with how it helped the overall success of the project.

Visuals are very compelling so do your best to include screenshots and visual examples. If it’s more of a coding thing, you may have to explain a bit more what the technical constraints were and how you overcame them. Make sure to get screenshots and visuals of the project in various stages to be able to do a before/after example.

Language is important. The tone of your site will offer a peek into your personality. If it’s a pile of facts slapped on page and reads like a refrigerator repair manual… well, let’s just say injecting a bit of your personality makes it more human and connects with people more (playful, serious, geek-talk, it all depends on your target market but have fun with it).


·         Show only your best work, keep it short and sweet.

·         Convey a sense of confidence that you know what you’re doing and can add value to whatever project you work on.

·         Show enough variety to demonstrate that you’re a pro in your field and leave them asking for more.

·         Make sure your contact info is clear and easy to get to.

·         Don’t use your portfolio site as an opportunity to show-off every bell and whistle in your arsenal. Keep it simple. Save the experimental stuff for its own section on the site and make sure it’s labeled as such.

·         Research other portfolio sites. Take note of what they’re doing that you like, what you don’t like, and apply those do’s and don’t’s to your site

Always keep in mind that clients think they need a “web developer” but ultimately what they need is someone to solve their problem. If you can identify a prospect’s problem and address how you can solve it, you stand a better chance of getting the gig over someone who circlejerks over which software or framework or whatever geek flavour of the month they’re experts at.

Don’t forget a call to action (example: To discuss how I can help you with your next project, contact me now at: or call me at 555.555.5555).



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