To Launch your Cryptocurrency Wallet App Like Trustwallet from Scratch.

Article about To Launch your Cryptocurrency Wallet App Like Trustwallet from Scratch.

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Jul 31, 2021

Moreover, the word "Trust Wallet" was flashing everywhere around the exchange platform. Many entrepreneurs, coming towards to launch cryptocurrency wallet like trustwallet.


If you need a crypto wallet similar to the TrustWallet, this blog will explain how to get the wallet like trustwallet.


What is TrustWallet? How does it work?  


Trust Wallet originated in November 2017. That was acquired by Binance in 2018. In short, Trust Wallet is a 100%  decentralized mobile wallet application for both smartphones and Tablets. It can store over 20,000 different Ethereum ERC Standard Tokens such as ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, and other tokens.


The chief intention of creating the Trust Wallet is simplicity. Utmost, It is an open-source wallet with the character of transparency, safeguard, reliability, and provides, high-end security audited system to send, receive and store the crypto assets.  You can interact with the Web3 browsers to access the Trust wallet application.


While attempting the transaction, that has done with two keys, public and private.


A public key is like a bank account number that you send out to others to receive crypto, while your private key is like a transaction pin that grants you ownership of the wallet.


WorkFlow of TrustWallet


To Add Cryptocurrency to Wallet

  • Start to create an account and login into the wallet.

  • On that panel, you can see the chunk of the crypto and tokens. From that, you can add as per your wish.

  • Click the receive button.

  • From the QR scanner, you can copy your address.

  • By using the address, you can transfer the amount to your wallet.

  • You can also check your transaction history by using the Transaction button.


To Send Crypto from your wallet to others.

  • From your wallet, you can pick up the cryptocurrency to send it.

  • Once your wallet address got scanned it sent to the receiver.

  • Mention how much amount needs to send to the receiver.

  • You can send crypto by clicking the send button.


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