Types of App That Every Brazilian Expat Must Have

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Jun 28, 2021

Moving to a foreign land or abroad may seem quite exciting. You will get chances to explore new people, new cultures, and you will get to learn new languages. While Brazillian expats life may seem too rich and fulfilling, there are many challenges that you need to overcome.


When you move or relocate into a new country, you will have to deal with the brunt of living away from your family and friends. There are many instances when Brazilian expats may end up being stressed and homesick. If you aspire to have an enjoyable life abroad, it is important to pay attention to certain points.


The internet has made the life of Brazilian expats quite easy. There are also platforms, apps, and support groups that you can join. Listed below are some of the major apps that every expat needs to have:


VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Apps

These apps are quite important for cheap and easy communication with friends and family when you are living abroad. You can get in touch with your near and dear ones with maximum ease, no matter where they live. While phone calls may seem too expensive, the VoIP apps will enable you to talk to anyone you want and at any time that too at a very small fee.


Language Learning Apps

When you visit a foreign land, the language barrier may seem too complicated. Thus, it is important to have certain basic ideas about the language of the foreign land where you are visiting. Luckily, you may find some of the best apps that will make your language learning a breeze.


Personal Finance Management Apps

It is difficult and challenging to manage a budget when you are living abroad. There are many expected expenses related to the house and getting around. When you are not aware of the currency exchange rate, it can be quite difficult to deal with foreign currency. You can choose from different finance management apps to make your life easier abroad.

These apps will help you in keeping up-to-date with changes in currency rates. The budgeting app will keep a check on your monthly expenses.


Social Connection Apps

Social connection apps like Expat Buddy can make it easier for you to make connections and network with local people as well as Brazilian expats. Thus, try to look for these apps that can make your social life enjoyable in a foreign land.


So, make sure to have these apps to avoid any inconvenience after reaching a new place.