Unblocked ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites 2021

Article about Unblocked ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites 2021

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Nov 22, 2021

Extra torrent is a torrent website which means all contents on this website are pirated. That means, the contents in this website are copyrighted content. For this reason few governments have blocked the sites related to extra torrent.cc

Surprisingly, the people who are living in the countries where the site is blocked also access this website. How is it? They use browsers like TOR or VPN so that they can hide the IP address. 

 Proxy sites of the extra torrents: 

This proxy site is an intermediate between your device and the site you want to access. This method is the most helpful one to unblock extratorrent. Proxy sites also can be used when the government in your country prevents the users from visiting these sites.  

 Alternatives of using the extra torrent websites:

Few alternatives of the extra torrent website can be seen below, read the information and learn about the different alternatives. 


This torrent website offers torrent files and magnetic links, so that with the help of it we can share files using the Bit Torrent protocol. 

2. The pirate bay:

This is one of the best torrent websites which is built up with media and software and allows users to search the content they desire, download and then host their own magnetic links.

3. YTS:

The original torrent of this website was shut down a year back due to legal issues. But with this torrent website users can download the content in HD quality. 

4. 1337x:

With this website, the extratorrents.cc unblock can be done successfully. Not only just with this website but also with the above mentioned websites. 



All the information you read in this page is just for information and educational purposes. We do not in any way promote any of the torrent sites or involve in activities that are against the government. 

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