Website Design and Development Cost in 2021

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John Phil activities: Digital Executive

Jul 30, 2021

So, have you decided to create a website for your company or shop? If yes, then its a great Decision! Now the second point that comes to mind is “Which company to choose for your website development and how much does a website cost?” To keep you updated with the cost of Website development and design you should continue reading the blog thoroughly. 

Before you dive straight into, “How much will the website design and development cost?”, you should take a glance at the significance of having a website for your business.

Why Should You Create A Website?

=> There are over 560 million Internet users over the world, whichmeans that by just investing in a single website your business can be exposed to 500+ Million users across the world.

=> There are just 5 Million+ Domains Registered overall world and approximately 1.366 Million population, only a few million domains are registered. This simply means there’s comparatively less competition.

=> 62% of SMBs think websites enhance the credibility of your business. But about 60% of small-mid sized businesses believe having a website is good for their company’s reputation.

A website is no longer a choice, but it has become an important part in today’s digital world.

The size of your business firm does not matter as having a fully functional and secure website makes your presence stronger in the market.

Website Development is a diversified arena. You can have static, dynamic, custom, or eCommerce website development. No matter which type of website you need or have for your business, it is important to learn that every sort of website is unique in itself. Moreover, the factors involved in creating them determine the cost of website development.

How much does a website designing and development cost?

Get a quick summary of how much it costs to build and make a website in the below-mentioned table. Keep reading the article to learn more about the different expenses that come with web design and website maintenance. The table will also show you the price differences between agencies, freelancers, and platforms like WordPress and Wix!

Web design, Web maintenance, and Web Marketing cost details

Website design

$ 12000 to $ 150,000 / design

Website maintenance 

$ 400 to $ 60,000 / year

Website marketing 

$ 2500 to $ 12000 / month

Website design services

(Agency, freelancer, or website builder) 

$ 0 to $ 100,000 

Website Maintenance Services

(Agency, freelancer, or website builder)

$ 0 to $ 5500 / year


Types of Websites and their Average Cost of Website Development

The pre-eminent thing that determines the website development cost is the purpose of its creation. It also depends on the nature and requirement of your business. Below are some different website types depending on the nature and requirement of your business. 

1. E-commerce website Making cost

=> Ecommerce website development cost - If you are planning to start an eCommerce website and want to know how much does it cost then you should know that an eCommerce website has more features included as compared to a normal website. Thus, it is likely that you have to pay a little more than what a normal website costs. While most of the factors that determine the website development costs are the same as the simple websites that include payment gateway, shopping tracking, OTP verification, CRM, etc. All these options result in the increased cost of eCommerce website development.

=> Ecommerce website ($ 336.34 to $ 1345.36) - This type of website will help your customers to reach out to your products and services at a good cost. It offers a wide range of functionalities and allows you to showcase your products on the internet. The cost of the smallest eCommerce website capable of showcasing around 50 products starts from $336 only.

2. Brochure Website Making Cost

=> Brochure website ($ 47 to $ 67) - Having a brochure website can also fulfill your purpose in this type of website world as a business card that confirms the availability of other entrepreneurs on the internet. It is a 5 page website that comprises Home age, About us, Services, Gallery and Contact us page. However, depending on the themes and graphics used, the website ranges from $47 to $ 67.

3. Educational Website Making Cost

=> Educational website ($ 201 to $336 )- This type of website is usually for schools, institutions, or coaching centers who offer multiple courses for their students. Here the size of the website depends on the number of courses or curriculum activities they want to be showcased in their website. To build an educational website it usually includes 10 web-pages at least and the cost goes around $201. Remember, the website design cost may increase with the increase in the website pages.

4. Company Website Making Cost

=> Corporate websites ($ 201 to $ 403) - This sort of website has become popular in the realm of the corporate world. It is because they are extensively dynamic and help business persons to convey their business information efficiently to the end users. Holding the knobs of marketing, cooperative websites world well to enhance the brand value and the cost to build it is approximately between $201  to $403.

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