What Is The Best Business Analyst Certification Online Course

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Jun 17, 2021


As a business analyst, you must be proficient with cloud fundamentals and the tools and services that enhance business solutions. A recommended strategy is to prepare for the certification exam with an online training course.

Here is a list of questions for you!

  • How do you select an online training course?

  • Are you prepared with your baseline and technical skills along with the BA certification course syllabus?

  • Do you know how to prepare for an interview after your certification exam?

All the above brainstorming questions will be solved, once you are known with the best online training platforms, globally. The JanBask Training will help you resolve all your queries.

Out of many, JanBask is an online training platform that has a multidimensional approach to BA training. It is not only a pioneer in the cloud training industry but also has key expertise in the employment market such as 

  • Career guidance

  • Corporate training

  • Job readiness

  • Project mentorship and many more

For a business analystrole, you must be acquainted with the course syllabus, baseline, and technical skills, hands-on experience, real-time industry projects. It also consists of fundamental knowledge of web services and business solutions.

Business analyst online training course 

As you step into the JanBask Training, a  BA course, you would be prepared with 

  • Business Analysis framework and techniques

  • SDLC models

  • Stakeholder Identification, management, Analysis, and engagement technique.

  • Business Analysis Planning and monitoring

  • Business Analysis Tools and design document

  • SQL database and software testing

Furthermore, there are multiple domains for a business analyst functioning such as

  • Healthcare

  • Insurance

  • Supply chain management

  • JIRA overview

  • Ecommerce domain

The training course module is synchronized business analyst certification exam training along with industry expectations as per the employment market.

As a business analyst, you should be equipped with an adaptive environment. You are expected to operate data of different business sectors and meet client deadlines. This attribute of a business analyst can be achieved by a specific methodology in training.

How JanBask Training will help you in the Business Analyst learning path?

A ba training needs a robust online infrastructure to help you keep track of your fundamental knowledge and technical skillset. This is achieved by the LMS system of JanBask. It helps you to organize your course material, home assignment, skill development, regular mockup exams, and many more.

Let us understand, how your  BA training will look like!

  1. You will be exposed to a working knowledge of business analyst

  2. You would be well equipped with case studies and real-time job-oriented industry projects.

  3. JanBask Training has next-gen global trainers who not only had been the top IT professional but are experienced with BA training along with cloud computation needs.

  4. The training course will integrate your BA learning path with your skills and knowledge in order to help you search for the best organization around the employment market.

In a BA learning path, you are also expected to be proficient in your baseline skills. These skills help you with organizational behavior, productivity, team coordination, and adaptability to work in challenging situations.

Therefore, as a business analyst, you must be upskilled with baseline skills

  • You should be acquainted with working in a team. You must develop team coordination as it is going to be your strongest suit to tackle troubleshooting and project development within the required deadline. Also, you need strong coordination between business clients and the IT team

  • A business analyst must be able to develop efficient communication and writing skills along with an understanding of engineering drawing and project statistics too!

  • One of the significant attributes of a business analyst is a multitasking approach to deal with multiple projects at your business analyst responsibility.

The required baseline skills have a supportive nature that increases your efficiency and helps you accomplish your BA responsibilities with optimum performance. Furthermore, technical skills are a set of skills that assist you with daily responsibilities in a business analyst’s lucrative career.

Technical skills for a business analyst career path

Here is a list of three major technical skills you need to put an eye on

  • Use Cases

  • Wireframes

  • Data models

Let us look at these skills in detail and what it means to you!

Use Cases helps you with the textual description of a business and how it is optimized for users on a web portal or software app. It emphasizes business needs from the function or feature of the system

Also, the feature is dependent on the created, integrated, or customized piece of code.

But, as a business analyst, you should be able to understand, analyze and produce various features and functions in software to fit the code with business user-system interaction.

Wireframes are the visual description of your business and it essentially explains the user about the user interface. The beauty of wireframes is that it is a tool with drag and drop features. A business analyst uses this tool to design and execute how a website may look like. This needs no coding skills.

Therefore, as a business analyst certification, you don’t need to code to create a business user interaction system

Data models are the set of models utilized for the data modeling area such as entity-relationship diagrams, system context diagrams, data dictionaries, and data flow diagrams.

The best data operability depends on the database structure. There are multiple benefits of data models such as

  • Structuring database

  • Information storage

  • Selecting data for storage function 

A business analyst never learns SQL for relational database models. All you need is data modeling skills and data requirements.


So far, we discussed the certification, training, and skillsets you must target for your BA career path.

Also, the fundamental knowledge required to achieve proficiency in business analyst daily tasks were discussed.

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