What are the benefit of explainer videos in marketing

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Oct 6, 2021

Video marketing is the latest and growing trend in present. Thanks to the growing internet access to more number of people , this is one major factor that is contributing to increased consumption in video.

Video making is an industry which works to make videos from scratch to end the types of videos are so many for ex. – video animation, Logo building.

Internet revolution in the Indian subcontinent and all over the world has changed the way people use internet. Now the internet consumption is far more bigger and the video consumption is among the most consumed factors of the internet.

Videos are of many types like corporate video, explainer video, animation video among many others.


People are always more attracted and engaged towards the video. The method of telling the story will impact the user behaviour and how they engage with the video. There’s something called the 4 E’s of a video that signifies the four qualities that are required for your video to stand out from the crowd.

The video production team takes care of these. When video is made considering right practices in demand this is the reason the videos become a quallity video . A video help to create better connection with the users and works to build a relation of the customer with the brand and which eventually results in better ROI.


Explainer videos are actually small animated videos that are mainly focused on explaining about the business, product type /service concepts to others in a much simplified way. Video is made after breaking down into smaller, simpler ideas that are easy to digest.

Best explainer videos can be given out the ones who have expertise and experience of working in this video production niche:

1.      Build Relationships: Relationships can help in creating connection with the audience which helps in building trust with the brand.


2.       Usability: The use for these type of videos can be very vast so a video should be made in order to be used for the various platforms.


3.      Website Traffic & SEO:  Adding an explainer video is a great plus for your website, It greatly enhances the traffic of the website . Google also prefers videos and the organic traffic derived from these websites is highly targeted traffic.


4.      Unbiased: These should be created in such a way that they need to add value to new as well as old customers.

5.      Making Complex Topics Simpler: Explainer videos should be able to break down complex topics into a simpler language such that any person should be able to understand them.

6.      Higher conversion rates: Making interesting, exciting explainer videos can improve your engagement rates as well as get you more sales that lead to a higher conversion rate.

These are the hidden benefits that your video production team is providing by creating exemplary videos for your business.

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