What is SEO Technical Audit Process

Article about What is SEO Technical Audit Process

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Jul 30, 2021

A website audit is a process where you can check or analyses how your how various search engines such as Google, Bing, etc., see your websites performance and ability to offer apt solutions to the searchers.

To get measurable results, you have to create an implementation plan for your SEO audit process.

The main idea behind the audit is to identify as much as possible foundational issues which are affecting search performance as possible. Here  are the steps to follow in an SEO audit process:

•            Find Technical SEO Issues

•            Find Website Structure Issue

•            Look for On-Page SEO Issues

•            Check Potential Off-Site Problems

•            Find User Experience Issues

•            Analyze Content Gaps and Opportunities

•            Get Insights into your Competitive Marketplace

An audit can be described as a "health check" for your website. It involves a more or less standard procedure and must be done regularly.

Here is the List of Technical Audit Parameters:

•            Indexation Analysis

•            Status Codes

•            Redirects

•            Page Speed

•            URL Structure

•            Robot.txt

•            XML Sitemaps

•            Canonical Tags

•            Duplication

•            Crawlability

•            Legacy Domain Issue

•            Keyword

•            Mobile SEO Analysis

On-Page Audit:

•            Site Content Structure

•            Keyword Research

•            Page Copy Theme Analysis

•            Meta Data Analysis

•            Images and Video

•            Internal Linking and HTML Sitemaps


It is imperative to carry out a detailed SEO audit for your website. Outsourcing the task to a reliable and efficient SEO marketing agency in India, you can get a complete analysis of the SEO glitches present on your website. A comprehensive technical SEO audit is the first step to improve the SEO of your website and to scale your business.

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