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Aug 2, 2021

Site to learn Data structure:

When it comes to DSA , we all know that it has great importance in the recruitment process of software companies . & Colleges never teach it to that level . To make your DSA skills good , the perfect way is by Self Study . By doing self study you can move at your own pace , you can give as much time as you prefer for the hard and easy topic .

If you want to push up yourself & want to take up a course then i will suggest Coding Ninjas .

Coding Ninjas DSA course is worth it going for , you can go for DSA course in any language you prefer . You will find course on C++ , Python , Java Programming Languages on their website .

Not only course they too provide some good facilities such as ,

•You can take up a free trial from there and then you can decide if you want to continue it or not .

•You get 24/7 Teaching Assistants to solve your doubts .

•You get a completion certificate only if your performance is more than 60% .

•Assignments , practice questions are also provided .

If you are comfortable with written material , books then you also can go for documentations available on various sites .

After learning DSA , the next step is to practice more and more questions as it increases problem solving skills and recruiters always test your problem solving skills .

So the perfect way to increase your problem solving skills is by practicing more & more questions & participating in contests on various competitive programming sites like Codechef , Hackerrank , Codeforces , etc .

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