10 Benefits of Divorce Mediation

It is well-known that the more you cooperate with your partner during marriage termination, the better the outcomes will be. But what if you want to work together but don’t know how to organize the process well? Then mediation may be your best suitable way out. Discover more about the benefits of divorce mediation and finalize your marriage without much turbulence.

1.   Cheaper than Divorce Litigation

Unless you file for divorce online Georgia and do everything on your own, expect to waste tens of hundreds of dollars on arguments over the key divorce issues. Meanwhile, you can double the beneficial outcomes but pay twice less or an even smaller price for mediation. It usually depends on the specialists you choose and your willingness to commit efficiently.

2.   Paperwork Is Done for You

You are wrong to think that the paperwork is done for you only if you cooperate with an attorney and participate in a full-blown divorce process. In all other cases, you will have to deal with your docs on your own or pay extra for relevant specialists to do it for you.

Instead, a mediator notes down all your agreements made during sessions and converts them into an official document that will be added to your divorce settlement agreement to regulate your life afterward. So there is no need to fear you will have problems filling out lengthy papers.

3.   Proactive Communication Included

The secret of successful mediation is proactive communication. You will have a chance to talk openly about your pain points, needs, and wishes. You will hear your partner and be heard, too. Plus, the atmosphere is expected to be peaceful and cooperative. So that you will not argue but show your standpoint and try to find a compromise.

4.   Children Suffer Less

Within all the amicable styles of mediation, children suffer less. You don’t argue with your spouse during hearings and don’t bring it home. You don’t feel hostile to your soon-to-be ex and don’t blackmouth them in front of your kids. Your needs and wishes are heard and valued so you feel more pleased and positive about the process. Your mood will transfer to the children and they will worry about the divorce less in the end.

5.   Fast Resolution Is Guaranteed

Another great benefit of mediation is the speed you will deal with divorce with. Instead of living in a courtroom and your attorney's office for months or years, you may deal with divorce within a month or two. Usually, several sessions are enough to come to a full agreement with your spouse as long as you are ready to cooperate. Smaller duration equals less waste and stress, too.

6.   Process Is More Flexible

You can select any approach divorce mediation that meets best your needs and preferences. The pace, intensiveness of sessions, location, meeting format, and duration. Everything may be adjusted so that you and your partner can cooperate in a comfortable environment and manner.

7.   Legal Advice May Be Included

Unlike another cheap option, DIY divorce, mediation doesn’t exclude cooperation with the lawyer. Although the mediator directs your cooperation in a way maximally equitable and lawful for both sides, you may hire an attorney, too. A divorce lawyer will give you advice on the best decisions to make, your behavioral patterns during mediation, and a general overview of your case.

8.   It Guarantees Confidentiality

If you look closer at what is divorce mediation about, you will see that this is the perfect option to protect your privacy. There is only you, your spouse, the mediator, and your attorneys at sessions so that no divorce details will slip out. Unlike divorce hearings and their records which give public access that any of your neighbors or acquaintances may get to know the peculiarities of your case.

9.   It Grants You Full Control

One of the biggest advantages of divorce mediation is that it brings top efficient results. Mediation allows you to get creative and inventive about divorce issues and solutions. As a result, you will get your divorce process and agreement customized and please your needs and preferences. Plus, it will be you and your partner responsible for the marriage termination decisions but not the judge or any other relevant specialist.

10.               You Reach Positive Closure