11 Great Websites for Asian Electronics and Gadgets | CNN Travel | Smart Money Match

11 Great Websites for Asian Electronics and Gadgets | CNN Travel

Buying gadgets online is an excellent way to save money and time rather than visiting a physical store. With rapid technological advancement, you can buy any electronic online from your home's comfort.

Asia, in particular, has a growing number of online consumers thanks to the presence of numerous trustworthy websites.  If you want a successful shopping experience in Asia, always use price comparison tools like Best Review Guide. They can help you save money while shopping at one of the following sites:


Amazon has a wide variety of products from some of the leading companies in the world. The prices are competitive, and their customer service is top-notch.

The company has been around since 1994, making it one of the oldest shops in the market. Their success over the years illustrates their focus on delivering quality products and services to their consumers.
The website is the ultimate shop for consumers looking to catch good deals. AliExpress boasts an impressive collection of electronics, allowing you to find what you want with no difficulties.

AliExpress offers unbeatable value for money on its products, and since it's a Chinese company, you can buy directly from the country's manufacturers. This makes the website perfect for quality products without spending much.



You know you will always go right with a Chinese company if you are based in China. The country is famous for developing quality products for the Asian market and selling them at unbelievably friendly prices.

From fridges and smartwatches to security cameras and washing machines, everything is available at GearBest. The website runs yearly discounts that you can take advantage of to snap a bargain.

The company opened its doors to consumers in 1995, and it has become one of the leading websites over time. On their site, you will get great deals from renowned electronic brands.

eBay has regular discounts on various products during special holidays and events. If you want to save money, you can take advantage of these deals.


This is a website where you will find second-hand goods. If you want a quality, high-end product with a tight budget, this is the place to shop.

While the products here are used, they are always in good condition. That's because the website carries a thorough check before listing any item to ensure it's in its best state.

Elecom launched in 1986. It manufactures accessories for different electronics like computers, cameras, smartphones, and televisions.

You will get a variety of accessories from this site at pocket-friendly prices. Besides, the website has a friendly interface, with the prices for each product displayed in detail for easier and faster searching.


You will get high-quality electronics and gadgets at Walmart. Being one of the top online stores, you can rest assured you will have an unforgettable experience shopping with them.

From the website's reasonable prices to friendly customer support and a range of electronics, including laptops, smartphones, and home theaters - shopping here will be delightful.

The website is a retail business where you can shop for gadgets like Bluetooth headsets, WiFi Cameras, LED lights, and smart watch accessories in Asia.

The products sold on the website are of good quality, and the prices are quite competitive. Deliveries are also fast enough.


A Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba is among the world's biggest B2B e-commerce platforms. Its wide presence in Asia makes it the ideal place to shop for home theater systems, laptops, televisions, wearable tech, and more.

You will find over 200 companies worldwide on Alibaba's marketplace, allowing you to compare products from different businesses before purchasing.


Banggood sells electronic gadgets like Apple accessories, smartwatches, televisions, LED lights, and RC toys. The website has an extensive list of vendors advertising their electronics, leaving you with endless choices.
You will easily find a product that fits your budget at Banggood. Aside from the friendly prices, the website is trustworthy, with superior customer support.


The website is among the most successful online stores for purchasing various electronics. It offers gadgets from top warehouses globally to ensure consumers get the best value for their money.

NewEgg is a trustworthy company, and if you want to shop from a reputable business, this is your go-to website. You can buy electronics confidently, knowing an established website with years of delivering quality products backs you.

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