3 facts all e-commerce business owners can agree on

There are some experiences you never really understand until you’re in the thick of it. One of these has to do with e-commerce. As a user, you simply visit the website, navigate to whatever products you need, and make a purchase.

But on the inside, business owners go through a lot of stress trying to make features work and ensuring that everything is exactly as users need it to be. If you own an e-commerce business, here are 3 things you’ve most likely experienced before.

1. User-friendly features made revenue jump

Internet users in 2021 have been exposed to a wide variety of websites; some are great and easy to use, and some are an absolute nightmare.

As a result, they've developed an aversion to sites that are tough to navigate. E-commerce owners understand this, which is why they see revenue jump immediately they add a customer-friendly feature to their website.

It may be a more sophisticated search engine, shopping filters, or comparison capabilities. Anything that makes visitors’ shopping experience easier is always rewarded with better sales.

2. You do anything for high-res pictures and videos

When e-commerce first started picking up steam, one of the biggest concerns was convincing people to buy items they’ve never seen before. Trust and high-quality pictures eventually solved the problem.

These days, every e-commerce business owner knows that pictures and videos are the only experience users will get, so they go to extreme lengths to provide it. Shoppers want to see all the angles, they want to zoom in and see the details, and they want to imagine themselves in the clothes.

That’s why even though words help with SEO, most e-commerce websites are full of pictures and videos. They simply sell.

3. Some site functions CANNOT stop working

There are a few functions that all site owners guard preciously. These include critical functions like database management systems, lead capture, and of course the payment gateway. These are critical to your business’ operations.

Database management helps you keep all user data safe and protected from malicious agents. It also makes sure you can reach out to people with future offers and discounts. If your database is gone, you basically have to start from scratch.

Lead capture ensures that new users are registered, and it helps you convert them into sales down the line. If this stops working, even for an hour, all the work you’ve put into SEO and building your landing page goes out the window.

And of course, we can’t forget about payment processing. What’s interesting is that most online merchants set up their gateway so there are no failed transactions and your users don't lose money. The downside is that users can get frustrated and abandon their carts.

As a result, you do everything in your power as an e-commerce business owner to keep these functions operational.

The bottom line

New tools are being developed daily that make it much easier to create and manage a successful e-commerce business, and that’s a good thing. It means that business owners can focus on running their business and fulfilling orders.

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