3 not that obvious tools to support your Instagram content: how to improve your audience’s engagement level without excessive effort

Trends in the promotional sphere come and go, but some stuff remains effective forever. We can definitely say so about the third-party paid services that allow boosting the parts of IG pages that can remain untouched for a very long period of time and that are very hard to target. One of them is engagement – it’s hard to make people participate in your account’s life, especially when you have just started out. In this article, we will talk about 3 not that obvious tools that actually help with that; including the possibility to buy Instagram story poll votes which we’d call the least obvious one of them all, but the best one for sure.

Tool #1: posting giveaways and contests regularly

You have to think of what that might be depending on the type of your profile. If you’re selling something material or trying to promote the services, you can quite easily organize a giveaway and attract the attention of potential readers. People tend to share giveaways with their friends (especially if the conditions of a giveaway tell them to do so to win) and this is how you’re getting more involvement almost momentarily. There are no people who don’t love a good present, isn’t it?

Tool #2: set the targeted ad

Yes, this one is paid, but it works great. Generally, targeted ads on IG are ones of not so many tools to use to never fall out of the view sight of your potential audience. If you launch it the right way and have all the required settings in place, new people are going to come almost all the time, and if you’re putting forward your products and services in the form of ads, people are going to buy them more eagerly. Sometimes Insta shows targeted ads to people who are already subscribed to you, and that might become the final stimulus for them to finally make a first purchase.

Tool #3: organize polls and Q/A’s in stories and find ways to boost them 

People love sharing their opinions and love voting: this is how they get that much-needed feeling of control over their day-to-day reality. And this is also how they bond socially – so no cons there, only pros! However, to stimulate them to participate in activities like this, you need to do something to show them that other people are already taking part in what you have organized. An opportunity to buy IG stories poll votes might be the thing for you – this way you will be able to stunt the results that you’ve been able to gather and show your audience that your activities in stories are actually liked and are participated in. So next time more people are going to take part in your poll or Q&A time voluntarily. 

Bonus: don’t be shy to interact with people yourself

Every comment and every DM that you get shouldn’t be left unanswered or unmarked one way or another. You should create a feeling that you are always online, always in your account ready to chat with people, answer their questions and be there for them if they need it. This is how you form a nice community around a social media page, and this is how you get yourself first (or more) clients if there is such an aim. So, use the tools that we have given you, but don’t forget to participate in the process yourself – this is the true key to success!

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