5 Ways to Find a Relationship while You Work

You love your job and don’t mind working long hours. But you understand that your career is not the only thing that matters. You want to find someone special to build a relationship with but don’t have time for it. 

Do these statements resonate with you? Here is a quick guide for you on how to meet a soulmate while working full-time.


Go Out for Lunch 

The key to meeting the right person is going to places where you can interact with other people. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, park, or bar after work, you should get the most out of your lunch break.

Go out to new places to have lunch. Wear nice clothes, smile, and use your body language to show people that you are open to communication. It’s a simple yet very effective way to meet someone interested in relationships.

Use a Dating App

If you don’t go out much, you can rely on online dating apps - they make meeting the right person easy. Download a chosen app (you can do it here) and create a profile: upload your best photos and write a few words about yourself. Once you are ready to start your dating journey, browse profiles of possible dates and swipe right (on someone who attracts you) or left (on someone who doesn’t appeal to you).

Just be mindful and don’t swipe right on your coworkers or someone you have business with. Skip their profiles altogether to avoid awkward situations that may interfere with your work life.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Some people use social media exclusively for entertainment, others – exclusively for work. But it’s worth mentioning that Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn also can be used for finding someone to build relationships with. 

Don’t be afraid to write first and start a conversation with a stranger – it's the right path to finding love online. Once you come across a witty tweet that appeals to you – comment on it. Once you see an attractive person on Instagram – write a direct message. 

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. You have nothing to lose. The worst thing that can happen is that this stranger will ignore you. It will have zero impact on your life, so you have nothing to worry about.

Get Involved in Your Community

Would you like to date someone from your industry? Here is a solution for you. Participate in industry events, share expert posts on social media, and attend conferences and expo shows. Be an active member of your professional community, and you will attract like-minded people. Who knows, maybe one of them will turn out to be your life partner.

Say “Yes” to Blind Dates

Does your coworker try to set you up on a blind date? Don’t rush to say “no”. Even if you have negative experiences with blind dates, you still should be open to new opportunities. 

Remember that the onlooker sees most of the game. If you struggle to build romantic relationships, let friends and coworkers find the right person for you. Probably you unconsciously choose the wrong people when going on dates. It may surprise you, but your friends and colleagues indeed can set you up on a blind date with the person who is a perfect match for you.

Wrapping Up

Stop seeing your work as an obstacle to finding your love. Whatever your industry, you can be in romantic relationships while making money and building a successful career.

If you are ready to meet your soulmate, follow these five tips. Achieve your romantic goal and become the happiest person in the world.