5 Ways to Keep Your Camper Van in Good Shape

There are many reasons for camper van owners to have a routine maintenance schedule: to keep their motor running at its best, to maintain the cabin and keep it looking new, or just so they can stay safe on the road. It complements perfectly the vegetarian cooking classes you had.

With all those little nooks and crannies in your camper’s cabin, it can be hard to remember everything that needs tending to. This guide will cover everything you need to keep on top of so that your motor is running at its best.

When it comes to repairing, maintaining, and restoring your camper, there are a lot of different tricks and tips that can be applied to make it easier. On the subject of maintenance, though, the basics are still pretty important. These are some main things you should consider doing.

1.      Keep your van clean and tidy inside

Keeping your van clean inside gives your van a lot more shine and makes it look better from the outside. Simply making sure you don't leave dirty plates on the table, keeping it tidy, and always doing a thorough deep clean every few months can keep things nice and spic and span inside of your van. For more in-depth tips, read this article: How To Clean A Motorhome Inside And Out: 6 Top Tips.

When it comes to making sure your van is roadworthy, there are a lot of different things you can do, from the big to the small. This is something all drivers should keep in mind when it comes to maintenance.

2.      Make sure your camper van's lights work

The lights on your camper van could fail at any time and without warning. You must check the lighting in your motorhome before you leave for an extended period. When checking, make sure that all lights are working, including side mirrors and brake lights, headlights, and indicator lights.

3.      Keep your vans up to date with maintenance

Again, this is something that's not always easy to remember when everything is so spread out all over the place. With a motorhome, it can be hard to get to everything that needs doing. Make sure you follow your owner's manual and are familiar with the maintenance schedule for your van so you can plan things in advance.

4.      Keep your van well tuned up

Your van’s engine should have regular tune-ups. This is to make sure it is as efficient as possible and to keep the fuel level and emissions at the best possible level. If there are problems with the van’s engine, then they should be addressed by a technician.

5.      Keep your van's battery maintained

When you use your motorhome, you will eventually run out of battery charge. Making sure that your van’s battery is maintained will help you keep on the move for longer when required. This can be done by checking the charge regularly and, if needed, charging it.

When it comes to keeping your camper van in top condition, there are many maintenance steps you can take. These simple but crucial steps will keep your van on the road for longer, meaning you can keep enjoying your home on wheels!

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