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8 Ways to Make Money Blogging On WordPress

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Looking for ways to make money online can sometimes lead you down some dangerous rabbit holes. Many of the money-making schemes you find on the internet are scams or require a significant investment far beyond what you can afford or earn from it.  However, if you’ve got a WordPress blog and some basic knowledge about how to use it to its full potential, you may be able to make more money than you first thought. Here are a few of the many ways you could profit from WordPress.

Start an eCommerce Business

You might need to search for ‘CPA near me’ to ask an accountant for help on this one, but starting your own eCommerce business on WordPress could be a viable money-making option. An accountant can shed some light on your tax requirements and can even advise you of your business idea’s viability before you put too much time and effort into it.

However, if you’ve got a desirable product to sell that you believe the masses will appreciate, getting started with eCommerce on WordPress is straightforward. You can add a shop to your existing blog and use the WooCommerce plugin. There are even WP tutorials available on how to use it to its full potential.

Sell Digital Products

If you’ve written a book, an online course, or have the skills required to host a webinar, then you could turn any of those things into money. WordPress is an ideal platform for selling digital products, especially with an abundance of plugins to support your venture.

There are plenty of WordPress eCommerce plugins designed to make it easy for you to sell digital products like books online, with even more WP features to market them and help you earn as much money as possible.

If you want your profit margins to be much higher, selling online courses may be more to your liking. You could even write a book on how to sell online courses once you have successfully done so yourself. MemberPress is an ideal plugin for creating the course, while a learning management system plugin will enable you to deliver it to your waiting audience.  

Flip Websites

Some people make it a hobby to build WP websites and utilize as many of the desirable plugins as possible. Sometimes, just tinkering with the settings is a fun way to pass the time. You could turn your hobby into a moneymaker by becoming a website flipper.

Use your WordPress skills to your advantage by crafting a blog and building up traffic to it. Before long, it might be that much of a success that you can sell it for a profit and begin the whole process again. There are websites dedicated to the buying and selling of websites that you may like to check out first.

Sell Members-Only Content

If you have managed to get your blog to the point where it has consistent traffic, it might be time to explore your options around membership-only content. Such a moneymaker can be suitable for bloggers who consistently find themselves with interactive content that people enjoy – and would happily pay for. A MemberPress plugin can provide helpful instructions on how to create a WP membership website. You may then be able to start earning consistent income through subscriptions each month.

Offer Online Services

It’s important to talk to an accountant when you are thinking about selling digital products because of the upfront investment and the need for advice on business viability. Offering online services is a little bit different because it doesn’t require you to buy products or materials. You simply have to invest your time. The goal here is to have people buying that time.

You can offer many services in the digital world, such as consulting, freelancing, and coaching. There are also a plethora of different WP plugins for all of these services to make the process easier, such as those for billing, requesting quotes, and making service appointments. Whichever digital service you plan to provide, you will also be impressed by just how many website designs cater to your needs. The hardest part will be choosing which layout will suit your branding the best.

Craft an Auction Site

If you have worked hard to generate consistent traffic to your blog, you can use that customer interaction to your advantage by crafting an auctions website. You can even run auctions on WordPress itself, as long as you download WooCommerce and an auctions add-on.

If you’re going to be welcoming third parties to sell their products through your auction site, there is even a multi-vendor add-on you can include. Before long, you may be making passive income by taking a cut of the profits from what people sell through your site.

Create Plugins

Anyone with programming and scripting knowledge and skills has the potential to make a considerable amount of money from their talents. With these skills, you can create WordPress plugins that people need to create their dream website. You can then give your plugins away, ask for donations for them, or sell them if you believe they are something people would pay money for. WordPress makes it easy for people to add plugins to their directory, so it might be worth brainstorming some exciting features you believe people would enjoy.

Ask for Money

For many people, maintaining a blog is a passion rather than a way to get rich. It’s where you might share some of your hobbies like photography, or you might simply use your blog as a place to share your emotions. With enough traffic and a loyal following, you may see the value in adding a donations button to your site. This can be done through Stripe or PayPal. Stripe and PayPal charge a fee for this transaction. You can calculate the fee using a stripe fee calculator or a PayPal fee calculator

You can then frequently remind people throughout your blog content that it’s there for them to support you if they wish. You might not get rich with a simple donate button, but it can be an excellent way in which to at least cover some of the costs associated with your website now and into the future.

WordPress sites can be a labor of love, and they likely won’t make you money overnight. However, as you work on traffic generation and begin interacting with your page visitors that can slowly change. Any of these avenues above could be how you start making a monthly income and growing your site beyond your wildest dreams.

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