9 Best Cashback Credit Cards for Business Owners


Business owners turn to cash back credit cards to earn cash back on all of their expenses. The purpose of these credit cards is to award business owners a percentage of cash back from their total spending. 

This is excellent to have when you run a business, especially when using your credit card to pay monthly bills. However, what is the right business credit card to choose? 

Let’s continue reading this article to find your best options! 

The top 9 cashback credit cards you need to use today


  1. Juni 

Are you the one who wants to earn as you spend? Juni provides you with just that. Its primary goal is to increase your profits as you are eligible spend on your credit card. You get a payout at the end of every month. These payouts can be in three currencies: The US dollar, the British Pound, and the Euro. 

Furthermore, Juni will offer you a 1% cashback return per month for the amount of money you spend. So, for example, if your average monthly card spending is $500,000, your monthly cashback return will be $5,000. 

Additionally, Juni offers you loads of benefits if you are running an e-commerce business and if you want real-time updates. The real-time updates allow you to see your real-time earnings on your Juni dashboard without waiting for year-end statements. The good news is how you can speed up supplier payments, reducing overall costs and increasing profit margins. 

  1. Chase Ink Business Unlimited 

Ink is your best option if you’re looking for a credit card with a perfect 5/5 score from Forbes and an excellent credit score. In addition, the Chase Ink Credit Card will offer you a 1.5% reward rate, meaning you’ll get a 1.5% cash back reward for every purchase you make for your business. 

If you are a busy business owner, Ink understands, so most appreciate it because of the flat-rate rewards, which don’t take up any of your time for managing and optimizing. Additionally, you don’t have to pay any annual fee; you get a 0% intro APR on purchases in the first year and can redeem rewards for gift cards, travel, cash back, etc. 

However, the only downside of Ink is the high foreign transaction fees, which allows it not to be the best card for balance transfers. 

  1. Capital One Spark Cash Plus 

Capital One has an annual fee of $150 with a 2% cash back reward rate. The Capital One card is ideal for business owners who want unlimited cash back returns on their purchases. 

Additionally, using the cash back credit card comes with a cash bonus, allowing you to earn up to $1,000. You’ll get the $500 once you spend $5,000 in your first three months and the rest of the money after you spend $50,000 in the first six months. 

Employee cards don’t have additional costs, but automatically setting up your payments and recurring transactions is possible. In addition, you can access many expense management tools without foreign transaction fees, charging up to a $150 annual fee. 

The reward points have no expiration date, no fees for over-limit spending, pre-schedule payments, no monthly APR, and early spending bonus offers. 

A small downside of the capital one credit card is the $150 annual fee and the requirement it gives you for paying $200,000 to receive a $200 annual cash bonus. 

  1. American express blue business cash 

For every $50,000 spent annually, the American express blue credit card will give you 2% cashback in eligible purchases each year. Rewards are automatically credited to your statement each month. For example, you can earn a $250 statement credit after you make a $3,000 purchase on your credit card in the first three months. 

  1. Wells Fargo Elite signature card 

The Wells Fargo credit card has a $1,000 welcome cashback bonus with a $125 annual fee during the first year. In addition, its credit score ranges from good to excellent, from 700 to 749. So, why should you choose the Wells Fargo credit card? First, it greatly benefits businesses with more than $1 million in annual sales requiring employee spending reporting and control. For others, there are better options available. 

The Wells Fargo signature card has many benefits and perks available, such as travel insurance. In addition, there aren’t any foreign transaction fees and no-extra employee cost cards. However, a few downsides of the card itself are the $125 annual fee and receiving cashback quarterly. 

Some in-depth details regarding the Well Fargo card include a one-time $1,000 cash back bonus or 100,000 bonus points you can claim once you spend $15,000 in your first three months. 

As for annual fees, you get the first year free but will continue paying a $125 fee after that. 

  1. Chase Ink Business Cash 

With the Chase Ink Business Cash credit card, you can earn up to 5% cash back on the first $25,000 you spend annually. For example, spending at gas stations or restaurants comes with a 2% cash back return. At the same time, other purchases give you a 1% return as well. 

Redeeming your rewards is quite an easy and simple process. You can redeem them through gift cards, cash back, travel, merchandise, and much more. 

Users who spend at least $7,500 during the first three months will receive a $750 bonus. Additionally, they have an intro 0% APR that applies to purchases made during the first year. 

Luckily, the employee cards don’t come with an extra cost and are all linked to a primary account that benefits purchase protection and fraud. 

Also, you can look forward to any simple business accounting by integrating your credit card account with your bookkeeping software. Credit cardholders will have valid rewards until they hold the card and will receive extended warranties, purchase protection, car rental loss, etc. 

As for downsides, we can’t say there are any except the foreign transaction fees and cash advance fees. 

  1. Capital One Spark Cash Select 

The Capital One Spark Cash Select offers a $500 cash bonus with a $0 annual fee version of Capital One’s business Cash-back card. The reward rate might be lower than 1.5% on purchases, but bonus offers are quite the same, allowing you to earn up to $500 when you spend $4,500 in your first three months. 

Also, you can earn up to 5% cash back returns on rental cars and hotels through Capital One Travel. 

  1. Bank of America Business Advantage unlimited Cash Rewards Mastercard 

The Bank of America Credit card allows you to earn an unlimited 1.5% cash bank on all types of purchases you make. Its credit score is excellent (740-850), and it has an intro offer of $300. So, if you qualify for the Bank of America’s rewards program, you have the opportunity to boost these rewards. 

Its advantages are that you don’t have to pay any annual fee and have a 0% intro APR on the first nine billing cycles. However, the downside is that you will pay a 3% foreign transaction fee. 

  1. Amazon Business Prime American Express Card 

Everybody has heard about Amazon, but the fact that you can earn 5% back from eligible U.S purchases on Amazon Business, AWS, and more is a different story. You can earn a welcome bonus of up to $125 back with a $0 annual fee. The credit score is good to excellent (700-749). 

So, when can you consider this card? If you heavily rely on Amazon or Whole Foods, this card’s 5% back is an unbeatable reward, without any annual fees. However, keep in mind that the card isn’t a good choice when you are considering long-term financing since the standard APR is high. 

Most people will love to use this card because it has no foreign transaction fees. It also includes free employee cards that include purchase controls. However, some of the downsides to this is there isn’t any intro APR offer and an Amazon Prime membership is required. 



In summary, there are plenty of powerful cashback credit cards to use. However, you need to identify which credit cards best fit your business. Also, pay close attention to what each credit card has to offer you. You want to avoid using any credit cards that have low payback rates and less benefits than its competitors. 

So, everything is up to you. What do you think is the right fit for your business?

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