A Complete Relocation Guide To Luxembourg

If you're considering moving to Luxembourg, then you're in luck! This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the tiny European country, from its rich history and culture to the amazing business opportunities that await you. And you can still be in contact with your colleagues through virtual team building events.

From finding an apartment and getting started in your new life to discovering the best restaurants and bars in town, Luxembourg business directory, etc., this guide has it all. 

So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about living in Luxembourg to allow for an easy transition into your new life in the country.


If you're thinking about relocating to Luxembourg, you may be wondering about the cost of housing.

Luxembourg is known for its expensive housing, but the cost of living doesn't have to be a barrier to moving there. The country has a variety of options for housing, from apartments to multiple-member family homes.

According to Numbeo, the cost of two-bedroom  apartments for rent in the Luxembourg city center can range from €1,800 to €3,000 per month.

However, depending on your location and desired amenities, rent may be significantly higher or lower in other parts of the country. For instance, house prices in the southern and eastern parts of the country are slightly more affordable.

If you're looking to buy a home in Luxembourg, be prepared to dig deep into your pocket. The average price of a home in the most popular areas in the country is around €600,000.

Food in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country, so it's not hard to find food that caters to everyone's tastes. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from, and most of them offer something for everyone.

If you're looking for a traditional Luxembourg meal, you can go to one of the many cafés or restaurants that serve traditional Luxembourg dishes like kuddelfleck or beef stroganoff.

If you're looking for something a little more exotic, there are many Asian restaurants in the country that serve delicious meals like sushi, caramelized chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and prawns with vegetables. Whatever your taste is, you’ll be sure to find something to eat.

When it comes to eating out in Luxembourg, it is worth mentioning that the food is generally quite expensive. A one-person meal at a mid-range restaurant cost around 80 euros.


Public transportation in Luxembourg is excellent and very affordable. In fact, all forms of public transport have been free since 2020. You can get around the country by bus, tram, train, and ferry without paying a single cent.

If you're planning on staying in the countryside, don’t worry. The country provides an interconnected network of trains, trams, and buses that allows you access to any destination easily and smoothly.

It’s also worth pointing out that Luxembourg is very walkable. The best way to get around the country is through the excellent bus network and on foot.

However, if you’re not into walking and don’t want to use public transportation, you can use a bike or a perfect electric tricycle. Luxembourg has a good network of bike paths that go all around the country. There are also bike rentals available if you need them.

Taxis in Luxembourg can be quite expensive, but they're also fairly reliable. Just be sure to negotiate a fair price before getting in the car.

When choosing a transportation option, it's important to keep in mind the time of day that you're traveling. Buses and trains can get congested during peak hours, so it's best to plan your trips around these times.


Luxembourg, which is located in Western Europe, has a temperate maritime climate with comfortable summers and mild winters. The weather is generally mild throughout the year, although there can be occasional outbreaks of severe weather due to Atlantic depressions.

The country has four seasons to enjoy. During summer, the weather is hot and humid with occasional thunderstorms, while in the winter it’s cold and damp with occasional snowfalls.

Spring and autumn are generally mild and rainy, but winter can be quite severe if there is heavy snowfall.

The average temperature in Luxembourg City is around 18 degrees Celsius, but temperatures can vary greatly depending on the time of year.

On that note, some must-haves, if you’re moving to the country, are rain gear, lightweight clothing for the summer, and warm garments for winter.


The cost of basic utilities in Luxembourg can be quite high, depending on the type of utility. Generally, the cost of water, electricity, and gas are all fairly expensive.

Water is by far the most expensive utility in Luxembourg. The average monthly price for water service is €13.30, which is more than twice the price of electricity and almost four times the price of gas.

Electricity is also very expensive in Luxembourg. The average monthly price for electricity is €335, which is more than three times the price of gas and almost five times the price of water.

Cable and internet are both relatively expensive in Luxembourg. The average monthly price for cable service is €8.90, while the average monthly price for internet service is €50.


Relocating to Luxembourg may seem daunting, but knowing the basics can help you get a better understanding of what to expect before moving.

We hope that this guide has been of some help as you begin your relocation to Luxembourg.

While the country is certainly vast and offers a variety of different scenes and neighborhoods, we have tried to include everything you need in order for your transition to go smoothly.

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