A Guide to Invoice Management for Businesses


Invoice management can be a significant headache for your company. Understanding the invoice process and its best practices are crucial, whether you work in the AP department or are a corporate executive.

By managing your invoices properly, you can achieve a more “hands-off” approach to your accounts payable. This article demonstrates how to do just that.

What is Invoice Management?

Companies use invoice management to keep track of and pay supplier invoices. This procurement process back-office task is carried out by the accounts payable division and is often processed using accounting software.

This process includes:

  • Obtaining an invoice

  • Logging the information

  • Checking and confirming the invoice

  • Paying for services

  • Documenting the transaction in the business's records

You may control the company's payment procedure with invoice management, ensuring that invoices are issued properly to prevent fines and benefit from early payment discounts.

Effective invoice management helps businesses focus on more crucial tasks that form the cornerstone of their success. Benefits of effective invoice management include accelerating the billing and collection process, eliminating human error, and saving time on data entry.

Invoicing Tips

Provide a range of payment choices

Cater to customer payment methods and schedules to receive payments more quickly and improve customer experience. You should offer your potential customers a good payment experience.

Cash and cheques are increasingly uncommon as electronic payment methods take over. When it comes to future accounting responsibilities, electronic choices are less labor-intensive and provide greater security.

Avoid typical delays


There may still be obstacles in the way of getting paid on time even when you use online invoicing software for small companies and invoice templates. Speed up your cash flow and save time by preventing the usual delays listed below.

Invoice sent to the incorrect person: The person who handles your customers’ accounting might not be your main point of contact during the project. Ask up front who will be receiving the invoices.

Unclear payment schedule: Before the project begins, clarify the payment schedule during the stages of ideation and final collaboration. Before starting any task, it never hurts to include these payment terms in writing.

Sending invoices on inconvenient days: Do not send your invoice on days when it will be difficult to get paid, such as the weekend or a holiday. Prior to the transaction, agree on a payment schedule that is convenient for both you and the client.

Know your taxes

The terms online sales tax and eCommerce sales tax imply that there is a particular tax that applies to online purchases. Online sales are very similar to other types of sales; sales tax is determined from state to state.

The location of the sale and the item or service being sold are two important considerations when determining whether you must collect sales tax on an online transaction. Nexus plays a role for businesses that sell interstate.

Set priorities


Late payments can harm connections with suppliers. Keep track of payment deadlines for effective cash flow management. This guideline is also important for branding since it shows that you prioritise your relationship with your partners.

Invoices should be paid in accordance with the due date and the terms of payment. Prioritize your bills by scheduling while also taking into account the sort of bill.

Look for a reliable invoicing management program

Effective invoice management software can extract data on its own from an invoice. This feature can largely help you with any potential financial implications.

Additionally, it automatically requests approval from the management or the accounting division. Consider how much labor and email back and forth will be required to salvage the company. 

In Conclusion

An essential component of business is tracking customer payments and issuing invoices. Your ability to complete these transactions in a timely, structured, and professional manner directly affects how your clients view you and how quickly you are paid. Getting the invoicing correct is 100% manageable with the advice we've provided and the platform of your choice.