Top Antimony Trisulfide (SB2S3) Wholesale Suppliers

Antimony trisulfide has many uses, including producing pigments, ruby glass, explosives, antimony salts, etc. You can also use it in printing presses, making lead-antimony batteries, and cable & bullet sheathing. Antimony is vital to various industries, and finding top antimony trisulphide wholesale suppliers is critical.

An excellent wholesale supplier should provide good customer service, offer fair & consistent prices, be able to ship the product on time, be reliable & trustworthy, and involve the customer. You can find a good wholesale supplier through internet research, using renowned websites, getting multiple quotes, and attending trade shows.

Here are the top antimony sulfide wholesale suppliers you should check out:


Hubei Oushi Metal Co., LTD.


Hubei Oushi Metal Co., LTD. was founded in 2010 and has been mining for 25 years. It has passed various certifications, including ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004’s quality management system. Hubei Oushi Metal Co. LTD. has also passed the environmental management system certification (ISO14001:2004).

Hubei Oushi Metal Co., LTD. specializes in producing various industrial products like vanadium and antimony compounds. The company has invested enough resources in multiple teams to meet the customer’s needs. Additionally, they provide reliable after-sales services.

They do this to ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase and answer any questions or problems they may experience later. Oushi Metal provides high-quality antimony trisulfide and has a reliable R&D team to research and find ways to improve various services and develop new ones to help customers gain a better experience.


Xiamen Ditai Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Xiamen Ditai Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a Chinese chemical company specializing in various products. These include animal feed additives, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, water treatment, and minerals like antimony sulfide. The company’s management team has sufficient expertise to meet their client’s needs.

Xiamen Ditai Chemicals Co., Ltd. provides quality products and services and is proud of doing business with various global clients. The company constantly improves its external and internal procedures to keep up with its competition and remain a reliable international supplier.

The company checks and rechecks each step in its distribution chains to guarantee the highest quality. They continuously improve their processes, ensuring their products are of the highest quality and are at par with their customers’ requirements. They also offer competitive prices and value customer satisfaction.


Jinan Future Chemical Co., Ltd.


Jinan Future Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and focuses on researching and developing fine chemicals for sale globally. The company utilizes R&D teams, state-of-the-art equipment, a QA system, and a complete inspection system to help them provide their customers with a solid product quality and services guarantee.

The company supplies various products, including antimony trisulfide. However, they have a reliable team, ensuring all customer’s orders are met and their questions answered. The company’s quality objective is zero complaints and zero defects. They achieve this through their principle of service, quality, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Jinan Future Chemical Co., Ltd. manufactures most products by itself. Thus, they can ensure that all products are of the highest quality. The company aims to get special machinery to improve its manufacturing sector.




Other steps you should take when searching for a good supplier include ordering samples, joining local associations, and reading reviews to find vital information about each supplier. You should prepare a list of relevant questions you need to ask them to help you gauge their authenticity and reliability. However, the most important involves ensuring they provide high-quality antimony trisulphide.

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