Are Gold & Silver Better Investments Than Stocks & Shares?

As we move into the third year of the pandemic, there is a lot of market volatility around the world, as a veil of uncertainty hangs over the world of commerce, which makes some forms of investment riskier than others. In such times of economic uncertainty, investors prefer to move their wealth to safer commodities like gold or silver, both of which have performed well since 2018.

Economic Uncertainty

When you invest in company shares, for example, there are many variables that come into play to determine if the company is going to make a profit in the coming year. This makes any investment all the riskier, whereas moving your wealth to a stable commodity like gold bullion gives you relative stability. 

More and more private investors are taking their wealth out of stocks and shares and moving into real estate or precious metals and as the demand for gold rises, so does the price. Prices have been rising as more investors look to pull out of stocks and shares, preferring the safety of precious metals. For the best deals when investing in gold or silver, you will want to check out gold bullion dealers and even the top scrap gold buyers in Adelaide. Go for the one who offers a lot of options and has all the solutions.

Do Your Own Research

If you have money invested in a business, you should be researching how that sector is holding up during the pandemic and if all is not rosy, choose a safer investment such as gold bullion. If by chance, you have invested in a PPE manufacturer, you should leave your money where it is, at least until the end of the pandemic. However, if you have shares in a tourism-related business, now would be the time to sell and invest in gold bullion. Markets are very hedgy at the moment and even a rumor can cause share prices to tumble, which you certainly don’t want. Why wait until that happens when you can set the ball in motion and in no time at all, your money will be safer.

Online Solutions

If you are wondering how to make contact with a reputable gold bullion dealer, start with a Google search, which will bring up a list of bullion dealers and there will be at least one with offices in your area. Once you have made your mind up regarding your investment, arrange to visit their offices where you can take physical possession of your gold. You should only purchase gold online if you know the seller and are sure that they are genuine; it only takes one visit to their offices, then you can register on their website and buy and sell on-demand.

In conclusion, all global stocks and share markets are experiencing volatility, which is not a good sign. In order to protect your wealth, consider selling your shares and putting your money into something safe like gold bullion. It simply isn’t worth taking a risk; all we need is another variant that is stronger than the Delta and Omicron variants and that could see market prices fall.