Benefits of Custom Water Bottles

The classic water bottles that you buy from grocery stores and gas stations are a thing of the past for in this era, custom water bottles emerge as a major game-changer for both the environment and the corporate world. 

These bottles can live for up to a couple of years which is truly a great help in reducing our garbage and being an effective marketing tool at the same time. Water (being a basic commodity) enables a wider reach for brand awareness for a significantly lower cost. 


In this article, we will discuss four major benefits of custom water bottles and their role in the corporate business world, and their subsequent help to our mother nature. 


Custom water bottles can be very economical for businesses that wish to reach many people as it is not as expensive as having your company advertised on televisions, internet websites, billboards, radio stations, and the like. 


Similarly, using your own custom bottles will definitely cut the costs you have if you buy disposable water bottles from the grocery stores. 


To give you a glimpse of the huge difference, you would save at least $2900 if you have decided to ditch the single-use plastic bottles and switch to reusable ones. 


Custom water bottles can usually range between $5 to $10 which is relatively more expensive than regular disposable water bottles that range from around $1 to $3. At first glance, it can be quite expensive for a water bottle but if you look into it in a larger picture, an average person needs to drink at least eight cups of water which is 64 oz. This would require you to buy 4 16-oz single-use plastic bottles a day. which means that an average person consumes around 1500 water bottles in a single year.


This major price difference between disposable and reusable custom water bottles puts emphasis on the fact that the reusable ones would save you tons of cash compared to the former, making it a cost-effective option for everyone.


Apart from the fact that you can choose your own custom printed aluminum bottles, reusable water bottles also have high multi-functionality. 


Having your own custom water bottles means that you have the most pocket-friendly method to keep yourself hydrated all throughout the day. It can also store other types of beverage that you fancy if you are not into bringing your own water. Some beverage options that you can store in reusable bottles include teas, sodas, energy drinks, coffees as well as fruit juices. Other water bottles include double wall features that keep cold or hot beverages for longer hours which entices consumers that like to be on the go. 


Custom water bottles can also spark new marketing ideas that would definitely drive consumers to try new products. Companies devise new products like portable silicone bottles, Bluetooth speaker water bottles, and phone holder bottles.


Ultimately, customized water bottles are great for intimate events that can serve as memorabilia like weddings, birthday parties, and christenings. Custom bottles are also a great addition to corporate events. It can also be a great way to improve branding, and this will subsequently engage your customers to boost marketing strategies. 

Environmentally Friendly

Custom water bottles are not just effective advertising tools but a great aid for mother nature as well. 


Custom water bottles are reusable which allows you to directly contribute to the reduction of the annual volume of wastes by around 1500 single-use bottles a year. 


As we all know, plastic water bottles are understandably bad for our environment. Starting from the production process, water bottles are manufactured through the refinement of oils (approximately 17 million barrels a year) like any other plastic and that alone contributes a huge environmental impact. Overall, the entire manufacturing process of water bottles-from oil extraction to the actual water bottling- produces approximately 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere every year. Unlike disposable bottles, reusable ones are made from materials that contribute less to the upsurge of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.


In addition, waste plastic bottles put great stress on the natural environment as well as the country’s saturated landfills. Statistics show that roughly 1.1 million marine life dies because of plastic waste produced each year and around 40 billion waste bottles add up to landfills annually. These alarming numbers call us to take action to choose reusable water bottles over disposable ones. 


Custom water bottles are purposely made to last for a long time with proper care and maintenance and the major factor to their long life is the durability that is guaranteed right front the very beginning. These bottles are far more durable as opposed to single-use disposable water bottles. 


There is no other logical reason why these bottles are manufactured to be durable but the fact that they are made to be refilled and can be used by the consumers over and over again. 


The durability of reusable water bottles is incomparable with respect to their disposable counterparts. Single-use plastic bottles are folded or wrinkled and unlike reusable bottles, their materials are not suitable to be reused or refilled. 


If we look into the material used in manufacturing these two different bottles we can already see the distinguishable difference. Disposable water bottles are commonly made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is a type of plastic that comes from natural gas and crude oil. On the other hand, custom-made bottles are made with polycarbonate, copolyester, or metal which is significantly sturdier than polyethylene terephthalate. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the four aspects discussed in this article put custom water bottles in the spotlight for becoming an effective emerging tool for advertising business while significantly contributing to the reduction of residual wastes. 


Although custom-made bottles require more manpower for their production, it is evidently outweighed by the fact that it is a great way to let others know about your brand, and at the same time, it addresses the world’s major problem in wastes reduction. 


Looking into specific criteria, custom water bottles have a significant benefit in the corporate business world, and a positive impact on the environment while having their noticeable durability, purpose, and long life span. 


Finally, as we completely remove the single-use plastic bottles from our lifestyle, it is very important that we commend ourselves for being able to improve as we continuously look for economical ways to do things, and also helping in the conservation of our home. 

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