Best Hybrid SUVs for 2022 and 2023

The tides are shifting from gas engines, and laws on emissions are turning hasher every year. More individuals are opting for electric and hybrid vehicles as they increase in number at dealership stores.

That said, buyers are cautious about the limitations that come with electric cars, including range restrictions. Again, they're also expensive to maintain. Luckily, hybrid vehicles have proven themselves a better and more affordable option for those on the fence. 

Here is a review of the three best hybrid SUVs for 2022 & 2023:


GAC Motor All New GS8



·         Curb weight: 1880 to 2030 Kg

·         Fuel Tank Volume: 65L

·         Max. Torque: 400N·m

·         Max. Power: 248 kW

·         Fuel Consumption: 12.5l per 100Km




Recently, GAC Motor decided to dip its toes in the hybrid SUVs market by launching the magnificent All New GS8 SUV.


It has a turbocharged gasoline engine with a torque of 400Nm and great horsepower. This is coupled with an automatic transmission featuring eight speeds. On the other hand, the gasoline-electric engine is a powerful 2.0T GDI engine.

Regarding its build, the All-New GS8 has taken a few design aspects from its predecessor, though there are substantial changes. The new and impressive “Dragon Scale Wing” grille might be the first thing to catch your eye, while the LED lights make it more alluring. The back has the same LED lights setup as the front, and the re-designed wheel adds to its incredible aesthetics.