Best Metal Spring Manufacturers from China

Metal springs can be engineered in many forms to be used in various products and applications. Whether you are looking for compressive, torque, tensile, counter-balance, or custom springs, you should consider getting them from China. The country is among the world's top manufacturer's metal products. Its top metalwork companies, like GL Metal, boast of using breakthrough manufacturing technology.

With so many options, picking the right metalwork company in China to purchase metal springs from can be a challenge. To aid your make the best decision, we've compiled a summary guide of the best spring manufacturers from China. 


GL Metal


GL Metal is arguably the most prolific metal spring manufacturer in China. The company has been manufacturing metal springs for more than 20 years. During this time, it has expanded its supply network to an industry-leading 100+ dealers in 70+ countries. GL Metal manufactures an assortment of metal springs, including extension springs, spring tube benders, shaped torsion springs, die springs, and more. You can also have them create custom metal springs for you. 

This Chinese spring manufacturer's products are widely used in the aviation, high-speed railway, automobile, furniture, toys, and medical equipment industries, among others. They supplied many world-famous enterprises with key spring components. GL Metal is a favorite for many customers globally because of their: 

·         Unwavering compliance with quality guidelines

·         Dedication to continuously improving product quality

·         Strict observation of the technical requirements and operating procedure throughout the manufacturing process

·         Utmost conformity to quality inspection for raw materials and finished products

·         Unbeatable commitment to providing their clients with fast, accurate, considerate, and thorough after-sales services


Roche Industry


Roche Industry is a commendable metal spring manufacturer with an impressive track record. It started its operations at the turn of the millennium. The company has established itself as a one-stop shop for coil springs. Heavy-duty coil springs, compression coil springs, and titanium coil springs are some of their popular products. Roche Industry also runs a tooling and mold assembly workshop. 

This metalwork company stands out for its:

·         Lengthy coil springs manufacturing experience

·         Commendable customer support

·         Impressive quality control


LML Metal Products


This Chinese spring manufacturer has been manufacturing springs and other metal products for over ten years. Its spring products are commonly used in various industries, including furniture, automobile parts, furniture, and toys.

The company boasts of having a team of eight skilled research and development engineers working on new products. Besides this, LML Metal Products has made a name for itself for its: 

·         Vast portfolio of metal products

·         A noteworthy quality inspection that ensures a defect rate below 0.7% for all products before shipment

·         Good customer service


Pintejin Custom Spring Manufacturing


As the name suggests, this metal spring company specializes in manufacturing custom metal springs. The company has been making custom springs, including special shape springs, flat springs, and extension springs, since 2007.

Pintejin Custom Spring Manufacturing observes praiseworthy quality control throughout its spring manufacturing process. 

While you can't go wrong settling for any of these top metal spring manufacturers from China, it's best that you go with a metal spring manufacturer with the most to offer, like GL Metal. The extras they offer can be handy at one point or another.