Best Ways to Invest in Singapore in 2023

Many people want to have a reliable passive income, but how to invest wisely? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question, of course. But one thing is clear: you need to diversify your assets, and your portfolio should contain such elements as real estate, securities, business undertakings, and different financial instruments. In this post, we will look at Singapore as a promising destination where you can make reliable investments in different assets.

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How to Start Investing in Singapore?

There is nothing too difficult about that as you just need to choose one of these two alternatives:

        Use the services of an authorized broker who will help you with opening a brokerage account

        Set up a brokerage account on your own. Make sure you know the eligibility criteria set by the Central Depository (CDP) and comply with them – otherwise, the organization will turn you down. Why do you need a CDP account? Well, if you buy securities in the Singapore stock market, you will need to keep them somewhere, and a CDP account is a good place for that.

Have you successfully established a CDP account? It’s time to make your first deposit and get down to investment.

If you have enough experience in professional portfolio management, you can rush into the Singapore market and do anything that will bring you profit. However, most people are not that experienced, and they find it hard to correctly estimate the risk level and calculate the expected profits. In this case, it would be wiser to entrust the management of your portfolio to a professional who will get a fee in the form of a percentage from the transactions made.

Best Offers for Investors in Singapore

Let’s first look at the factors that may have an impact on the elements you will include in your portfolio in Singapore:

        Investments may be classified as high-risk, moderate-risk, and low-risk ones

        Investments are made for a certain term, and it is directly connected with the level of income and risk

        The amount you decide to invest in a particular instrument is just as important

        The overall profitability you get as a result of all the efforts is a decisive factor, too

If something from this list is unclear, please get in touch with an expert and increase your competence in this sphere: it is always better to know what you are doing!

And now let’s look at investment opportunities available in Singapore.

High-risk options

        Investment in the shares of individual companies may bring an annual return ranging from 9.5% to 18.5%

        Alternative investments (in private lending markets) may yield an annual return from 5.3% to 19.3%

Moderate-risk options

        Investment in foreign exchange is very popular, and it may bring potentially high profits. However, there is one serious drawback: they are unpredictable.

        Real estate investment funds are good instruments with a sufficiently high annual profit that starts from 11.3%

        Exchange-traded funds are highly recommendable, and you may expect an annual profit from 11% to 15.5%

Low-risk options

        Invest in a supplementary pension scheme to get guaranteed annual returns – however, don’t expect them to be too high

        CPF investment scheme is yet another possibility that is reliable but will hardly bring a lot of profit

        Investment in Singapore savings bonds will yield from 0.8% to 3.47% annually

        Finally, you can make a bank deposit and receive a guaranteed annual profit that will vary from bank to bank but will not be very high

Portfolios can be configured in a different way. However, you have to strike a balance between maximum profits and preservation of your capital in the end, when you decide to withdraw your money.

Some Details

Let’s take a detailed look at what different investments in Singapore are like.

Investment in Shares

Shares are reliable investments that allow you to acquire a stake in the company and receive profits in two different ways: dividends (paid annually, for instance) and selling the shares at a higher price (if they go up). Of course, you will face some risks: dividends are not always paid regularly (if the company ends a year with bad results, it may decide to pay no dividends), and shares may go down (and the whole company may go bankrupt in the worst-case scenario). The best remedy is, of course, to buy blue-chip shares from well-established companies – and have the lowest possible risk in this case.

Exchange-Traded Funds

This is a preferred choice of many investors in Singapore as these funds are really effective. They hold various assets, from securities to commodities. They tailor the composition of their portfolio to a particular index, which allows them to keep profits more or less stable. Investment in an ETF will actually mean the acquisition of a whole package of carefully selected investment products, which is much better than hand-picking them – especially if you are not experienced enough to do that!

The funds take care of the portfolio composition themselves: if they see that some instruments are no longer as profitable as they used to be, they automatically remove them and replace them with other ones. In short, this is a very convenient method for beginners!


Please follow the above link to read more details about bonds, real estate, CPF, and other investment possibilities in Singapore. As an alternative, use our live chat on the portal to get help with setting up an account in Singapore and set the ball rolling. Start investing today!

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