How to Boost Your Business’s Security Both Online and Physically

Security is a big thing, so you shouldn’t even think about cutting any corners. Although cybercrime is likely to be very much at the forefront of your mind, there is still the threat of physical crime harming your business.

Of course, these very rarely reach the sort of devastating financial value that cybercrime can amount to, but it should not be ignored – so when thinking about making your business more secure, you need to consider both areas.

#1 Increase Your Cybersecurity

Of course, you will already have firewalls and anti-virus software installed on all of your tech. However, your cybersecurity needs to go much deeper than this. Employing dedicated personnel on your team to police this would be highly beneficial to your business and your customers. For instance, employing a cyber security analyst can provide your business with cybersecurity protocols and can check for weaknesses in your existing system, amongst other very valuable services.

#2 Floodlight Your External Areas

Floodlighting your external areas will deter any unwanted criminals from your site as they will not being able to hide in shadows or remain unseen to carry out their acts of destruction. It will also help your employees to feel safe and confident when leaving or entering your business premises in the dark or twilight hours.

#3 Install Facial Recognition in Prime Target Areas

It is important to keep physical records safe, as well as any sensitive hardware or restricted areas of your business. One of the easiest ways of doing this is likely to be installing facial recognition software. This will enable only certain people to enter prime target areas, and as long as those people are aware of why the security measures are in place, you should be able to keep those without authorized access out.

#4 Educate Employees on all Security Protocols

It is important to educate all your employees about any security protocols in place. They should fully understand what is at risk and what the consequences will be to them and the business as a whole if they lapse. If they are aware of any breach or attempted breach of security, either in progress or having been attempted, they should have the support of the company should they let the right people know. Unfortunately, most successful breaches are due to the employees themselves either wittingly or unwittingly.

#5 Install CCTV Inside and Out on Your Premises

This being said, it is a good idea to install CCTV inside your premises as well as around the exterior of your buildings. Also, manage security camera monitoring (This being said, it is a good idea to install security camera monitoring inside your premises as well as around the exterior of your buildings.) Of course, you should advise your employees that they are there and that they have been installed as a protective security measure. Criminals are less likely to congregate in a floodlit area, and even more so if they are going to be on camera getting up to mischief. However, criminals do not just congregate outside, it is likely that you may have one or two within your ranks as well. These individuals think nothing of stealing from you and some even get a thrill out of stealing from their work colleagues.  

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