Boosting Morale: Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

If there is anyone who's meant to get some additional appreciation, it's the employees who commit endless time and energy to help your company succeed. Gifts are a suitable way to express to your employees the extent to which you value them and their contributions.

Meanwhile, corporate gifting is not just about giving out the occasional bonus. Instead, they are the best way to show appreciation for the hard work your employees have exhibited, as well as their achievements. 

You can choose to gift your employees during performance reviews to reward outstanding performance, in celebration of work anniversaries or birthdays, or when people take pleasure in major professional or personal milestones.

There are various reasons to give gifts. Likewise, there are several gifts you can give to your employees. On that note, find out in this article some appreciation gift ideas that can boost the morale of your employees.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Company-Branded Swag

Company-branded swag as an appreciation gift for your employees is a suitable way to prove to them that you do not take their hard work for granted. This, in turn, boosts their morale and bolsters team spirit.

However, ensure creativity plays out a great deal, regarding the items you can customize with your company's branding. Remember, water bottles, sweatshirts, and phone cases are in high demand. Branded company swag is an exciting way to celebrate your workers that make your establishment thrive well. Moreover, it can also enhance your brand awareness.

Desk Accessories

Giving your employees desk accessories as an appreciation gift informs them that you care about their work environment. For example, desk plants in your employee's workspace are much more impactful than mere aesthetic appeal. Also, office desk plants have a way of relieving stress, increasing productivity, and extending concentration capacity.

In addition, having a bit of green all through the office brightens up its appearance.

Organizational Supplies

Although this option is not for all employees, anyone who frequently makes use of a paper-and-pen system to remain ahead of their to-dos will appreciate it. Irrespective of the number of digital options available, a high portion of the workforce still depends on notepads, calendars, and paper planners, in order to remain organized.

Those organizational supplies are perfect appreciation gifts for the right employees, and they will make staying ahead of an endless agenda much easier and more exciting.

Handwritten Notes

Giving a handwritten note to your employees to appreciate their hard work and contribution does not cost a dime. In a modern office, employees get a regular influx of messages delivered digitally. Hence, receiving a handwritten and personalized message stands out as unique.

Note that it does not necessarily have to be more than a couple of lines, but devoting time to write your employees a quick note on the reason you appreciate them will go a long way. Interestingly, the handwriting does not only add a personal touch, but they tend to have a physical memento to hold on to as a reminder that you value their commitment.

Provide Catered Lunch

Getting lunch delivered to the office is a kind of employee appreciation gift suitable for an entire team. Sponsored lunch could come as a welcome departure from your team's normal dining routine. It also gives a good opportunity to build camaraderie.

You can give your workers the opportunity to weigh in on the location of their preferred lunch spots and have them treated to a meal from the most popular option.

However, ensure you take into consideration the dietary requirements of your employees when choosing a restaurant. This is to make sure that everyone is included and able to eat. In the same way, it is advisable to verify in advance if restaurants also have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other dietary types, so as to fit your diverse workforce.

Office Games

Some employee appreciation gifts can take employees far away from the office, while others make their lives more interesting while they're in it. You can choose to foster your workers' playful spirits by offering games to play around the office, so that in the times they step away for a break, they will be able to indulge in a quite deserving recreation.

It could be football, table tennis, or a backboard and net. Frequently giving your team an opportunity to have fun is a good way to keep them energized.

Self-Care Kit

A workplace self-care kit is another awesome employee appreciation gift idea. Essential oils and facial rollers are common options to remain physically relaxed (and probably quite pampered) on the job. Thus, putting together a few self-care materials in a market will make a perfect, yet subtly indulgent appreciation gift.

Likewise, you can provide a workout pass or gym membership. Although this gift will not suit all your employees, those who are passionate about exercising will, of course, appreciate your contribution. Meanwhile, those who are not so passionate about hitting the gym may enjoy an additional nudge towards a healthy new habit.


To brighten anyone's day, a tried and true way is with flowers. Besides, this act is better when it is completely unexpected by the employees. Luckily enough, online flower delivery services make it easier to have a fresh bouquet on your employee's desk.

Surprising your workers with flowers is a classic and beautiful way you can show them you truly value them.

Boosting Employee's Morale

Whichever gift you choose to give your employees in order to appreciate them, ensure you can emphasize the reason you're giving them the gift, whenever the presentation is done. Besides, note that corporate gifts vary per location, such as corporate gifts Singapore, amongst many others.

Giving gifts is said to be an art. And just like all other creative arts, it could be difficult to know where to begin. However, whenever you choose to appreciate your employees, intentionality is highly essential, as it will go a long way in helping you select the perfect gifts.

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