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What do You Understand by Brother Printer Goes Offline?

Brother is a popular brand name for printers. This Japanese company manufactures a wide range of electronic gadgets. In hardware, you can find reliable printers. These devices are very advanced and easy to configure. You can easily set up the printer on your computer, Mac device, or even phone. These devices are very easy to use. But sometimes, the printer may go offline.


Common reasons behind Brother printer offline error

1.   The printer is not connected correctly

2.   Some printer files get corrupted

3.   Brother printer can’t find the driver

4.   Invalid changes on Brother printer settings

5.   Some printer services are not working

6.   The firewall is restricting the connection


Troubleshooting Brother printer offline error


Reconnect the printer

If your Brother printer shows an offline status then you should immediately check the connection. The error can appear when the printer connection gets interrupted unexpectedly. To fix this, you should immediately go to the printer and eject the cable. Now check the cable for any damage. If the cable is faulty then replace it. For printer connection, you should only use the high-speed USB cable. Get a new cable for the printer and then check the offline error. If you are connecting the printer wirelessly then disable the Wi-Fi. Restart it and now the printer Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking. Now go to the PC and open the Printers & Scanners folder. Tap on Add a Device and select your Brother printer. After connecting the printer to your PC, you can easily take the printouts.


Try a printer troubleshooter

If you have connected the printer to a Windows PC then you can also use a printer troubleshooter. Your PC has an inbuilt troubleshooter. Go to the Update & Security page. Search for a troubleshooter tool and click on Additional. Now click on Printer Troubleshooter and run the tool. It will start searching for all printer files. If any printer files are not working, this tool will fix it. After fixing the files, retry to take a printout and check for offline issues.


Repair Brother printer driver

The Brother printer goes offline when the driver is not working. Your printer requires a driver for communication. When you send a printout request from the PC, this driver transfers it to the printer. Without this driver, your printer won’t receive any commands and will show the offline status. Go to the connected PC and look for the driver. If the driver is outdated then update it. In case, the driver is corrupted then run a driver repair tool. If you can’t use a driver repair tool then reinstall it.

Sometimes, the user installs the wrong driver mistakenly. Every Brother printer model has a different driver. Before downloading the setup, check the printer model. Download and install the correct printer driver for your device and then take the printouts.


Run a reset tool

A few users reported that they are getting the offline error after making some changes to the printer settings. The problem appears when the user has made some invalid changes. To fix the error, you can easily undo those changes. Reopen the Settings and revert all the recent changes. If you can’t undo them then use the reset tool. On Settings, look for the Reset tool. Hit on Reset All and the printer will reset immediately. After resetting, reconnect the printer to your computer and now take your printouts.


Power restart your Brother printer

Brother printers can show offline errors when the services are not working. The error appears when the user sends a new command and some printer services get stuck. To fix those services, you have to restart the computer. But a simple restart can’t fix those services. You can try a power restart of your device. When your Brother printer is ON, eject its power cord. Now wait for 5 seconds and reconnect the printer’s power cable. Your printer will restart automatically and all the services will start running from the beginning.


Disable the firewall

Some users reported that they are getting the offline error only on the network printer connection. The printer is working correctly on wired or direct connection but showing an error on the Wi-Fi connection. You can get this problem when the network is secured with a firewall. Go to the connected PC and check for the firewall. People use the firewall to prevent online threats and unknown connection requests. This problem appears when you are trying the printer for the first time. The firewall finds the unknown connection request and blocks it. To fix the problem, you have to disable the firewall. Go to your PC and disable your firewall. Resend the connection request to the network. Now your printer will connect to your network. Go to any PC connected to the same network. Open the Printers & Scanners folder; hit on Add a Device. Select your Brother printer and take your printouts. After connecting the printer, you should enable the firewall.

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