Can You Get Rich Playing Roulette?

When people think of roulette, they more than likely recall the fun times theyve had playing what is one of the most popular casino games of all time. And fun is the crucial word here because thats what playing roulette is for most people. But is the game a gateway to getting rich?

Of course, when punters head to a land-based casino to play some roulette, theyre doing so in the hope of returning home with more money than they left with, right? And playing roulette online is another option to consider in the equation because its the same premise, but you just dont have to leave the house. In most instances, in the back of a players mind, theres the desire to win big, but getting rich is a whole different story. And, while you could suggest its possible, there are things to remember.

The house has the edge in every version of roulette on the market. From European to American and everything in between, punters have the chance to win, something we will come onto shortly, but the house will always retain the edge, which impacts the idea of getting rich from playing roulette. The game is also based on chance too. Each spin, regardless of the version of roulette youre playing or how be it offline or online, is individual, which, again, is crucial.

What the above means is that if youre a roulette player, you cant devise a strategy based on previous results, as theyre not linked. So, a run of reds doesnt necessarily mean that the next number will be black, for example. It also puts pay to any form of wagering strategy based on winning and losing bets, as theres no way to guarantee that youre putting yourself in a better position with the next stake in terms of having confidence in the result thats to come, be it red or black, odd or even, etc.

Getting rich is possible. People have made a lot of money by playing roulette. But is it down to luck more than anything? And were there massive risks involved in terms of wagering heavily on red or black? If someone is to get rich from playing roulette, there will be a lot of luck involved because its a game of chance. And, theyre more than likely going to have to settle on a strategy and stick to it. 

One of the strategies could be to bet low stakes on single numbers because the odds of this coming in are big. And while the chances of it happening regularly is unlikely, with small stakes involved, it is possible to net fair-sized returns. Punters could also go in the opposite direction and take on wagers with smaller odds but more likely to come in more often, such as betting on red or black. It’d be a slower process but potentially more rewarding.