Choice privately offers pre-uplisting IPO

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Choice Investment Offer
The Impact Leader Certified Swiss-Belgian TV platform Choice privately offers pre-uplisting IPO up to €5 million in common stock equity in minimal tickets of €100,000, in order to finance its further international roll-out.

  • x3 upside potential towards IPO
  • Immediate availability of tradable shares on your trading account
  • Private Equity Investors can invest in private stock at special VC terms
Download our Public Investor Deck or email us to reserve without obligation.

About Choice TV
Choice forms a thin overlay over all online content silos, where consumers discover internet content, purchase services and watch content from all online sources on both mobile and home screens, earning ad & consent-based targeting revenues and commissions on content subscriptions & other online services. For a demo and business discussion watch Swiss Impact with Choice.
  • Over 25,000 free users, 12 months target: 1 million
  • Soon over 300 brands & content rights holders from over 15 countries
  • 3y+ target: 5 million free users, €50 million revenues @ EBITDA 40%+

Doubting if this is the right timing to invest in Choice? Read this article.
For the offer details click the link below:

Choice NV - Your Choice shapes our Future - Private Placement | Smart Money Match

Philip Vandormael
CFO - Investor Relations
Phone: +32 486 64 24 11

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