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A Look at Corona Energy: Over 20 Years of Business


There are roughly twenty-two energy suppliers in the UK. Corona Energy is one of the leading independent energy suppliers, which has been around for over 20 years. Corona Energy is a business gas and electricity supplier for micro, small, medium, large, corporate, and public sector businesses. In recent years the company has become more focused on sustainability as well. This warrants a better look at Corona Energy on a deeper level.



1995 Corona Energy started as an energy provider for small and medium businesses. The Macquarie Bank Group, an Australian financial company, bought the company in 2006. Although the energy supplier became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group, it still operated under its original name. The Corona Energy headquarters are in the UK town of Watford in Hertfordshire. Over 14% of the UK's industrial and commercial gas market is being supplied by Corona Energy. The company supplies energy to around 13 000 businesses that stretch over an area of more than 85 000 meters. The company has a team of over 200 customer service experts in the field of business energy to ensure customer satisfaction. 


Corona Energy has four company values that drive it. The customer is always put first. Services are personalised and flexible while being accomplished at a fast pace. Second, the empowerment of people. All employees are encouraged to collaborate in the workplace to make more informed decisions. Training is provided to give people better skills. Third, the company is forward-thinking. The supplier is constantly looking for ways they can improve service and new opportunities that can be taken in the energy industry. It always tries to find ways to meet the needs of customers, employees, and the business long-term. Fourth, keeping things simple. Corona Energy believes energy shouldn't be complicated and does everything possible to make services and processes as easy as possible.



Corona Energy has the ability and resources to cater to every business's needs and requirements. The company offers many services to their current and potential customers. Corona Energy prides itself on its exceptional customer service. When you are a customer of Corona Energy, you get your own dedicated accounts manager that knows your business details. This energy provider pays a lot of attention to detail when providing services to their customers and becoming a familiar energy supplier that is like family.


There is a complaints department to deal with any issues and ensure the customer is always happy. Every business is offered a tariff and contract that is personalised and services that are flexible and unique. The available tariff options span from fixed, flexible, bespoke, and green. Fixed and flexed tariffs are set for up to three years. They don't offer generic, cookie-cutter packages and believe energy shouldn't be complicated.


If you are a small business that wants to get a quote from Corona Energy, you can get an online quote in less than two minutes. Bigger businesses must wait up to 48 hours for a quote to be generated. Corona Energy also offers energy supplier comparison services for customers who want to switch to new suppliers. They even help you to switch if you decide to make the change. When it's time for your contract to be renewed, your account manager at Corona Energy will contact you regarding a new deal and settling on a new tariff.


For all their customers to receive fair and accurate bills, free Automated Meter Readings (AMR) are included in all corporate account contracts. Bills are sent to customers on a monthly basis. Customers can pay their energy bills in many ways, including cheques, direct debit, and credit payments via BACS. Making direct debit payments can get you a discount on your bill of up to £100. You can check your business's meter reading and bills anytime by accessing your myCorona account. This online account management service can be accessed at any time and on any day of the week. You can also use your myCorona account to submit meter readings and ask questions.


Corona Energy has been chosen for the Investors in People Gold Award for the last four years. The company also received the Hertfordshire Charitable Business Audentior Award. 2018 Corona Energy received the Silver and Gold Stevie Winner for Great Employers Awards. It was chosen as the Large Business of the Year at the 2013 Business Excellence Awards. In 2018 Corona Energy was an Engage Awards Finalist. The business also sponsors numerous awards, like the FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards 2016.



Not only does Corona Energy offer its customers a 100% renewable gas and electricity option, but the supplier itself brags with some impressive green credentials. When the business moved to a new office, it decided to be more environmentally conscious. Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are all over the premises, along with on-site food composting areas. The office uses renewable energy, rain harvesting systems, and 100% rainwater services. Corona Energy has a zero-waste-to-landfill policy and a cardboard baling scheme. Interestingly, the energy supplier has its own bee colony to help save the species and provide employees with local honey. 

Community Engagement

Corona Energy has taken part in many local charity events. In 2018 the company helped a Watford primary school by donating uniforms, money raised at an auction, and assisting children with learning. The Watford Small Acts of Kindness programme helps the elderly in the community by giving them practical items to lessen the impact of loneliness and isolation. The programme also tries to build up these people's mental and physical health. Corona Energy is also very dedicated to the promotion of diversity among people. The company has employees from all kinds of lifestyles and backgrounds. This makes for a more diversified business culture.


This article looked at the business energy supplier Corona Energy. It gave more details about the business in several areas, including its history, values, services, awards, energy efficiency, and community engagement. Corona Energy has come a very far way over the last few decades, and there are still a lot of opportunities that it is bound to embark on.

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