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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it looks like that because of the social distancing recommended in the hope of slowing down the spread of the virus and flattening the pandemic curve most professionals in the investment industry will be working from their home office for the coming weeks.

While first, and foremost the goal should be to stay healthy, here are some ideas about how to digitize the working process and how SmartMoneyMatch can help.

Please note: All offers are at no charge—we can help to provide more visibility.

Should you not have an account yet, please:

As we also have the biggest event calendar dedicated to the investment industry—many of the events in the coming weeks will obviously have to be re-scheduled—we also encourage you to offer some webinars or e-conferences.

You can also list post banners. Should you be interested in a mail campaign, please contact me directly.

I hope you stay healthy and well over this challenging period.

Martin Signer
Managing Director

P.S. Unfortunately, authorities throughout Europe and North America have failed to respond in a timely way to the known facts. For example, we urged the Swiss authorities on February 23rd to take decisive measures that took an additional three weeks until they were implemented.
This delay will, unfortunately, cost many lives and cause human tragedies.
We especially appreciate it if you support people in need in these times.

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