The Benefits Of Crack Injection: Strengthening Your Home's Foundation

The You likely have many questions if you've recently noticed a crack in your home. What do I need to do next? How severe is the damage? How much will this repair cost?

Don’t worry. There's no need to panic. Crack injection is a stress-free, cost-effective way to deal with cracked walls and floors of all sizes. Let's look in more detail at how it works and explore the benefits of using crack injection to repair your home.

What is crack injection?

Crack injection is injecting material into a crack to stabilize and repair it. Professionals use several formulas depending on the crack's type, location, and size. The most common options are polyurethane, repair mortar, and epoxy. 

Consider using various strengths of epoxy because of its strength, rigidity, and reliability. It also adheres powerfully to several different surfaces. An expert can advise you on the ideal epoxy solution based on the extent of the damage in your home.

The benefits of epoxy crack injection

There are several benefits of using epoxy crack injection to repair damage in and around your home. Let's look at them in more detail.

It's powerful

Epoxy resin is robust, powerful, and reliable. It does more than just patch up a wall. The weld strength of a quality epoxy is more robust than concrete. This means an epoxy crack injection adds stability and structure that lasts.

It's convenient

With a crack injection, there's no need to spend days living near a building site. An expert can do the entire repair in under two hours, and the solution will usually cure in a single day.

It's waterproof

When the epoxy is applied to a wall, it creates a tight seal that protects and waterproofs cracks effectively. Epoxy is especially useful when applied in basements susceptible to excess moisture. The waterproofing ability of the resin is ideal for combatting leaks, mold, and water damage. 

It's affordable

Repairs can be expensive. There are no two ways around it. Fortunately, crack injection is a cost-effective way to repair damage and reinforce walls. As it's so simple, quick, and easy, this repair option is perfect for those who need to save time and money. 

To see just how affordable crack injection can be, get in touch with an expert who can help you find a long-lasting, affordable solution to your problem.

It's simple

Applying an epoxy solution via crack injection is straightforward and non-invasive. There's no need to tear apart a house or completely replace aspects of the foundation. There's also little risk of anything going wrong because crack injection only targets a small area.

It's versatile

Crack injection is incredibly versatile. It can be completely quietly and efficiently, inside or outside, at any time of day. It's also ideal for most interior or exterior surfaces, including metal, concrete, and wood. 

It protects against further damage

It’s vital to repair a crack as soon as the damage appears. Once a crack has formed, it will only worsen as growing pressure from water and soil aggravates the problem. This can eventually lead to subsidence and a collapsed foundation. An epoxy crack injection solution can efficiently solve the problem before it leads to further damage.

It's durable

When applied correctly by an expert, epoxy injection is an effective long-term solution. Compared to hydraulic concrete, which doesn't bond well, epoxy creates a strong chemical bond that helps keep the surface stable for longer. You can expect epoxy to last for at least five years without needing to be replaced.

It improves the look of a wall

A crack in a wall is equal parts concerning and unappealing. No one wants to see a basement with worrying damage. Foundation crack repair is the ideal way to level out a wall and give you peace of mind.

Summing up

A crack injection may look like a simple process, but remember that experts do it with years of experience. They make it look easy. DIY solutions are only temporary fixes. Epoxy installed by a professional is designed to last and won't require constant maintenance.

Contacting a professional lets you know you're getting the best long-term solution. Even if the crack doesn’t look serious, it's better to be safe knowing your home is secure.

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