Culture Kills Corporate: USWI Invests into Local New Mexico People

In the heart of New Mexico, a unique blend of community, culture, and commerce drives the cannabis industry. US Weed Investing (USWI) has pioneered a strategy that could turn the local market on its head. Amidst the backdrop of corporate giants dominating the landscape with cutthroat tactics, USWI's leaders, CEO Peyton Merrell and CMO Mike Anthony Vallone, are fostering a movement rooted in local values and culture. This is their story.

Photo Credits: Weed Snacks TV (seen in photograph: Mike Anthony Vallone and Peyton Merrell on right with Deandre Aragon 

(DJ Truth Entertainment) / on left Thomas Rodgers owner of Weed Snacks TV and well known local artist BearFace)

Local Culture as a Market Driver

New Mexico's vibrant culture significantly influences economic choices, particularly in the cannabis industry. This cultural identity, rooted in community and artistic expression, is what Mike Anthony Vallone, CMO of US Weed Investing (USWI), highlights. "There’s a profound depth in the local culture here," Vallone notes, emphasizing its impact on business operations and consumer behavior.

During their evaluations of local dispensaries and other cannabis-related companies, Vallone and CEO Peyton Merrell observed that these businesses extend beyond commerce; they serve as community hubs that showcase local art and host events, fostering a welcoming atmosphere that resonates with customers' values and lifestyle. Unlike corporate dispensaries, which offer a standardized experience, local shops engage customers with personalized service and community involvement, reflecting the state’s community-oriented culture.

This preference for local businesses is driven by a broader distrust of large corporations, which are often seen as detached from local community interests. Vallone explains, "People here are inclined to support businesses that resonate with their values and contribute positively to their community."

This cultural loyalty shapes the competitive landscape in New Mexico's cannabis market. USWI's strategy to support local companies isn't just about economic survival but about promoting a business ecosystem that respects and enhances New Mexico's cultural wealth. This approach not only aligns with local consumer preferences but also strengthens community bonds, ensuring that New Mexico’s unique cultural identity continues to thrive alongside its economy.

Photo Credits: Weed Snacks TV (seen in photograph on left Mike Anthony Vallone and Peyton Merrell with Thomas Thompsons of “Allbudquerque” / on right Thomas Rodgers owner of Weed Snacks TV with Mike Anthony Vallone and Peyton Merrell)

Economic Pressures and Corporate Challenges

In New Mexico's cannabis market, local businesses face significant economic pressures from larger, out-of-state corporations. US Weed Investing (USWI) CEO Peyton Merrell highlights how these corporations use their vast financial resources to engage in aggressive price wars. "These corporate giants can sustain losses much longer than local enterprises, effectively pushing them out of the market," Merrell explains. This strategy extends beyond mere price competition; it involves restructuring market dynamics to favor large corporations, leveraging extensive marketing budgets and sophisticated business strategies that small businesses cannot match.

The impact of these corporate tactics is profound, affecting more than just market competition. They not only threaten local employment and economic stability but also drain financial resources from the state. Unlike local companies that reinvest profits back into the community, these out-of-state players often extract earnings, funneling them away from New Mexico. 

This economic behavior endangers both the economic and cultural fabric of New Mexico. USWI is poised at a crucial juncture to bolster local businesses, aiming to preserve the state’s economy and its unique cultural identity. By supporting local enterprises, Merrell and Vallone strive to enhance economic resilience and promote a balanced growth that benefits the entire community and keeps financial resources circulating within the state.

USWI’s Strategic Response: The Market Report

In response to the challenging economic landscape faced by local cannabis businesses in New Mexico, US Weed Investing (USWI) has devised a strategic plan aimed at fortifying the local market against the encroachment of out-of-state corporate giants. CEO Peyton Merrell and CMO Mike Anthony Vallone have identified a crucial need to unite and strengthen local businesses to counteract the aggressive strategies employed by large corporations.

Their approach is multifaceted, focusing on the creation of a private portfolio that conglomerates a diverse array of local cannabis companies. "Our aim is to build a conglomerate force that can effectively compete on a larger scale, pooling resources to achieve economies of scale and market reach that individual local companies could not manage on their own," explains Merrell. This portfolio not only aims to sell a percentage of equity from each involved company but also to provide essential working capital to help these businesses thrive.

Vallone emphasizes the importance of this strategic response in maintaining the cultural and economic integrity of New Mexico. "By ensuring each company in our portfolio remains locally owned and committed to reinvesting in the state, we can help sustain the local economy and support the community that has always supported us," he says. The strategy is designed to ensure that local businesses can retain their identity and continue to contribute positively to the cultural fabric of New Mexico.

Furthermore, USWI plans to leverage its knowledge and networks within the industry to facilitate better market positions for these local companies. This includes navigating regulatory challenges, improving product distribution networks, and implementing effective marketing strategies that highlight the unique qualities of local cannabis products.

The ultimate goal of this strategic conglomerate is not merely survival but dominance in a market threatened by external forces. By banding together, local companies can not only withstand the pressure from out-of-state competitors but also potentially expand their influence and market share. "We're not just fighting to keep the doors open; we're planning to open new ones," Vallone adds enthusiastically.

Merrell and Vallone believe that this collective effort can transform the competitive landscape, making New Mexico a model for how local economies can leverage their unique cultural and business strengths to fend off larger, less community-focused competitors. By doing so, USWI hopes to not only preserve but enhance the local cannabis market, contributing to a richer state economy and a more vibrant community life. This strategic response is seen as a vital step toward securing a prosperous future for New Mexico's cannabis industry and its people. In celebration of these efforts, USWI is hosting the New Mexico Gala this summer 2024. You can join the waitlist for this exclusive event on Eventbrite and also may read the Market Report here - NM Market Analysis Report

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