Why You Need To Start Using Custom Pens For Marketing Now


Whether you're just starting out with creating your small business or have been established for a while, the need to drive fresh business into your organization is a big part of your overall strategy. Business owners must have a plan for driving engagement, loyalty, and spending while also saving money. Fortunately, custom pins can be a great way to accomplish all three of these tasks while giving something valuable back to your customers. Pens are an effective and affordable way to drive customer engagement, earn more business, generate positive impressions, save money, and create a successful marketing campaign. Here's why.


Pens Are Remarkable Marketing Tools


Pens are the ideal marketing tool. It isn't just that they're small and easy to distribute. They're also inexpensive to buy in large quantities, they're versatile, and they can be easily customized. This matters significantly. People like to have a fun, unique item that they associate positively with a brand. It's a reminder of quality service. It's not intrusive. It isn't pushy. It doesn't force you to watch an annoying ad. Sure, they can contain a custom logo and contact info for a brand. In essence, it makes them a walking advertisement. Adding a few custom pens with your logo on them to your promotional mix can help you find new customers and increase engagement with existing ones. But instead of being annoying, it's useful and practical. Plus having something tangible that people use every day helps build loyalty towards your company over time.




The efficacy of pens as a marketing tool is all there in the research. Stats show custom items like pens and mugs have a low cost per impression and offer a fantastic return on investment. Known as CPM (also sometimes known as cost per customer), this metric determines how cost-effective your online advertising is in practice. It helps marketers gauge whether or not a particular strategy is working and offers insight into how to move forward. Pens are a relatively low-cost item and that translates well to cost-per-impression. Since you're not paying very much for the pens you use for the promotion but are receiving more impressions and leads by virtue of handing them out, your cost per impression is relatively low for the campaign. This can be useful for understanding what's working and what isn't while guiding you toward a more refined marketing strategy in the future.


Cost Effective


Cost-effectiveness should be a primary goal in any effective marketing campaign. Custom-printed pens are quite cost-effective. There are few printing costs involved in bulk orders and they can be cheaper than other forms of advertising. Consider that a radio spot, online ad, or television commercial will cost significantly more than giving away promotional items at your business. Not only that, but you can give away these items in many different ways from tradeshows to making them freebies at the checkout counter. On top of their ability to help spread awareness of your company to the world at large, these pens position themselves as a long-term investment in your own company while simultaneously building relationships between businesses and customers alike.


High ROI


In addition to their cost-effectiveness, custom pens offer a high return on investment. When they receive free pens, customers are likely to keep and use them for a long time. Because your pens also serve as a tool for brand recall, the customers will be constantly reminded of your company when using the pens. That in and of itself is a fantastic return for the initial investment. Add to that the high quality, potential for more customer engagement, and low upfront costs, and pens are a magnificent way to get your next marketing campaign started with a bang.