Do You Worry Your Weight Has Not Reduced Even After Physical Activities? Let’s Decode the Reasons!

Everyone knows the risks associated with obesity, but they struggle to keep their body weight in check. In the UAE, the rate of obesity is the highest in the world, with a larger population faced with overweight issues. Experts link this with a sedentary lifestyle, overconsumption of aerated drinks and processed foods, and genetic composition. Are you also concerned about your weight gain? Some people do plenty of physical activities and try to embrace a better diet in the hope of bringing positive changes. Yet, they feel defeated when the weighing scale doesn’t reflect their efforts. Why does this happen? Is there an easy solution to this situation?

An at-home personal trainer can better guide you through personalized fitness programs. Their understanding of the body, metabolism, and other intrinsic details enables them to suggest exercises that work better for different individuals. Otherwise, one can continue to do multiple things without making any progress. If you want to avoid treading on the path of confusion and disappointment by choosing better, let's first explore the reasons that often thwart a person's attempt to lose weight.

·       Common factors behind not losing weight despite physical activities

You walk 5 km or up and down the stairs a few days every week. The amount of dedication can be matchless, given how hard you push yourself for these strenuous activities. But every effort seems like a lie when your weight remains stagnant or improves only marginally. Why does this happen? Exercising with the right intensity is crucial. Newbies usually stop doing what they are doing without realizing it when they become breathless or when their muscles become tight. You can avoid this mistake easily if you have a dedicated trainer to guide you. They can inform you about low to high-intensity workouts and create a safe environment to help you practice various movements.

Another reason that prevents people from achieving desired results is a need for more attention to calorie balance. Many people do morning walks but end their day with large meals and drinks, believing it's fair. Unfortunately, they burn 350 to 600 calories in a 45-minute workout session but consume about 900 calories the same day. This lack of mindfulness about calorie balance is a significant deterrent. Understanding this balance is crucial for effective weight management.

·       Trainer’s contribution to an individual’s weight loss journey

As hinted, fitness trainers at possess deep knowledge of the macronutrients, metabolism, calorie deficit, and other elements influencing body weight. If you hire one, they will explain all the fundamental concepts and create a suitable workout plan so you know what you are doing and why. While being physically active is essential, your awareness about what to do and how much is equally critical. It allows you to be consistent in your weight loss training. Plus, a gradual shift to positive lifestyle habits makes your results sustainable.

Understandably, many people hesitate to commit to workouts due to various barriers such as time constraints, physical fitness concerns, or mental blocks. However, a professional trainer can work with you to overcome these obstacles and help you prioritize your fitness within the comfort of your home. They can provide the necessary equipment and create a supportive exercise environment. Don't let these barriers hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. With the proper support, you can overcome them and make significant progress.

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