Entrepreneurs Share Their Weekend Reset Routine to Make Their Work Week More Productive

Starting your week off on the right foot helps significantly when it comes to having a more productive work week. Using the weekend to your advantage is a must if you want your Mondays to not be so dreary. Successful entrepreneurs share their top tips on how they take advantage of the weekend to ensure they have a good week!


“For me personally, food is what helps to keep me full of energy and to stay motivated when I have long days at the office.” Says Shanna Nelson the CEO of The Artisan Rings. “I use the weekend to do a lot of meal prepping so I can always make sure I have good hearty breakfasts and lunches to power me through the day. I notice a big difference in my energy levels when I don’t have a good meal during the day which greatly impacts my productivity. I also find I never have time to buy lunch which means I end up skipping this meal completely. Having food ready to go just makes my days that much better.”


“Meal prepping on the weekend is something I always make sure I have time for and really doesn’t take me too long to do. It also saves me money because I can prepare my meals in advance which is another bonus!”


Food is fuel, and it can really help those who have busy days to have it all ready to go and make it easier to start your week off on the right track. Steve Eakin the founder of Love My Bonsai likes to spend his weekend by planning their days in advance. “My Sunday consists of one hour of planning to get myself ready for the week ahead.”


“There is nothing worse than starting off your Monday by playing catch up with everything you have to accomplish. By sacrificing one hour of my time on Sundays, I know exactly where to start on Monday which increases my productivity and motivation drastically.”


And what about going through the multitude of emails come Monday morning? “Emails for me are also something I always struggle with catching up on. Part of my Sunday routine consists of looking through my emails so I’m not spending too much time on them at the beginning of the week. This means I have more time for other business affairs, and I can respond to emails in a timely manner.”


Some entrepreneurs, simply use the time for self-care to be able to take on the craziness that awaits them. “I always use my weekends for a complete reset and to take care of my mental and physical well-being”, Josh Bluman of JJ Suspenders remarks. I like to take this time to just relax, catch up on my favorite shows and hang out with friends and family. I find by taking some me-time, I am much more ready to go come Monday. I know other business leaders who prefer to use their time on the weekends to catch up on work, but I find this strategy just doesn’t work for me.”


Bluman suggests that every entrepreneur find some time in their busy routine for self-care. “Every entrepreneur should make some time for themselves on the weekend or they won’t make it through the week without feeling exhausted or burnt out. Find something you love to do and make time for it. Self-care is a really helpful way to combat a lot of the stresses that come with being an entrepreneur.”


Taking care of your well-being is a must on the weekends, but it’s also a good idea to use this time to ensure you don’t have a lot going on during the week. Using the weekend to get errands done is a good way to take advantage of your time off, as sometimes your weekdays can be unpredictable. If you end up working late during the weekdays, then you limit the amount of time you have to do simple tasks like picking up groceries.


Sometimes you just need to dedicate some part of your weekend to running around to ensure you don’t impede on the work you can do during the weekdays. However, always make sure to still make time for self-care, as you don’t want to use up all your free time running around.


No matter the work you do, it pays to have a weekend routine that helps to make your weekday a good one. It not only helps with your productivity, but it also makes it easier on your mental well-being and you can enjoy your work week instead of dreading it.

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