Explaining Boku

There are plenty of mobile wallets available in 2023, but none are quite as convenient as Boku. With headquarters in San Francisco, California, Boku is at the heart of Silicon Valley and is one of the most high-tech mobile payment options available.


This Smart Money Match article will explain to you everything you need to know about using Boku as a payment method.


Boku is almost identical to PayPal, in so far as it offers the same type of services. Like PayPal, Boku does charge a fee. In fact, there is very little between the two payment methods other than the fact that PaPal is much more widely known.

Boku: A Short History

Boku became available to customers from the United Kingdom in 2009. Boku provides mobile payments to its users, whereby users are charged at the end of every month. Boku works a little like a credit card, only that you can make payments directly using your mobile phone number.

How to Sign up to Boku

Signing up/creating a new Boku account is straightforward. We have outlined below what you need to do:


  1. Download the app or go to Boku’s website via your mobile browser.
  2. Enter your mobile number.
  3. Enter the activation number sent to your mobile to activate your account.

Where Boku Payments Can be Used

Boku is a versatile option and is accepted by most online retailers including Microsoft, Sony, Google and spotify. The most well-known mobile provider working with Boku is probably Vodafone.


Even if you do not see the Boku logo like you would PayPal’s, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use Boku at a website. Boku is a popular payment method used by UK gamblers. There are slot sites which are dedicated to accepting Boku payments. Boku is a popular method for gamblers due to the safety it provides and the ease of use.

Boku Security

The only personal information you need to share with Boku is your mobile phone number. You never have to exchange bank details with them, making Boku extremely secure and user friendly. In addition, every purchase needs to be validated via SMS, so you are always in control.