Focusing on Safety as a New Holland, PA Manufacturing Brand

There are many challenges that businesses face every day. Overhead expenses must be paid for out of revenue. Customers must be convinced to buy the products/services for the business to stay afloat. Executives have to make decisions about what long-term goals to pursue that will ensure the company is still around in five years.

One other challenge that many companies face is safety. Specifically in the manufacturing sector, where many businesses have to use heavy equipment in fast-paced environments, safety becomes paramount.

If you are a decision-maker for a manufacturing brand in New Holland, Pennsylvania, then you are responsible for the safety of workers and even customers on your premises. Here are a few tips to make your manufacturing business safer for all.

Security Systems

Protecting your employees and customers from all threats, both internal and external. Often, this means securing the building in which operations are taking place. Since manufacturing brands often rely on lots of machinery, access to industrial spaces must be restricted only to those who need to be there. A sufficient locking system for all doors will be needed for this. Additional security in the form of guards could also be a good investment to ensure only employees enter the premises. Another good practice is to place security cameras throughout the workspace, which can help deter acts like harassment, theft, or equipment sabotage. In the event that these incidents do happen, the recordings from the cameras will be crucial during the follow-up.

High-Quality Equipment

The manufacturing sector uses a lot of equipment to create products. The longer this equipment is used, the more likely it is to become compromised and create a safety concern. For this reason, it is important to invest in high-quality equipment that lasts longer and has more safety features. If you are not sure whether to lease or buy business equipment, one advantage of leasing is you can keep upgrading your equipment with each new lease. Although better equipment is more expensive, it is usually much safer and will last longer, ensuring your employees are safe when using it.

Air Quality Practices

Air quality tends to be a big concern in manufacturing facilities in New Holland and across the country. The use of machines can release fumes, toxins, smoke, dust, and other substances into the air that should not be breathed in. Your facility needs to have some air quality systems that ensure safety is a priority for your employees. An industrial dust collector would be a good place to start. Sufficient ventilation to keep fresh air coming in should also be in place. You can set up better practices for the use of machinery to cut down on the particulates that end up in the air during operation. Capture vents can pull smoke, vapors, and other substances out of the workspace before they are breathed in. The right air quality systems will keep your workers happier and healthier when they are in the facility.

More Intensive Training

Often, employee safety is compromised when people do not know what they are doing. Although they can make mistakes, better training might have set them up well for success, lowering the chances of injuries or broken machinery. Intensive training that equips all workers with the knowledge they need to be safe may take longer than you like. For new employees, it could be several weeks of training before they ever become productive. Ongoing training is also important when equipment is upgraded or practices become outdated. Focus on improved training so that the risks from a lack of knowledge are mitigated.

Comprehensive Safety Checklists

The processes your New Holland company has in place will determine the safety of your employees. If you do not have practices that are ingrained in the culture, shortcuts will be taken and put people at risk. Safety checklists can play an important role in keeping everyone healthy and injury-free in your manufacturing facility. While completing the checklists can be tedious for your employees, going through the steps ensures safety is prioritized before the machines come on, throughout production, and after everything is closed down at the end of the day. Implement more comprehensive checklists if you notice safety gaps that could result in a serious injury or health being compromised.

Make Your New Holland, PA Facility a Safe Place for All

Since manufacturing is so dangerous, you must consider safety a top concern for your company. Implementing the right practices to protect your employees, vendors, and customers who may enter the premises can protect your company from injured workers or even damaging lawsuits. The more safety processes you have, the less your company will be at risk of interruptions in productivity. Install better security systems, invest in quality equipment, improve the air quality inside, train employees effectively, and implement safety checklists to protect everyone who sets foot on the premises. 

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