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Get A Jump Start on Ad Tracking with Hyros

What Does It Mean to Track Ads?


The technique of monitoring how effective various advertising channels are is referred to as ad tracking. You can monitor the profitability of your advertising budget with the help of ad monitoring software.


You can also measure just how successful your advertising campaigns are with the use of an ad tracker, as well as how much your advertising spending translates to an increase in sales. With digital advertising and consumer data, you can easily harvest many detailed data points, which makes it possible to monitor how ad campaigns affect sales in practically real time.


In the days before the internet, marketers had the challenge of having essentially no data to support their new advertising efforts. In contrast, digital advertisers now have nearly too much data at their disposal. They must dedicate plenty of time to collecting the most important insights and patterns from the profusion of data they acquire.


Tracking ad performance, doing small-scale tests of new campaigns, and rapidly iterating on ad versions based on the insights gained from such testing are all made simpler by ad tracking.