A Comprehensive Guide to Garbage Truck Accident Claims Process

Garbage trucks are all over the place. Every day they are out on a different route, picking up commercial and residential trash. At times the drivers get so wrapped up in what they’re doing that the job gets a bit monotonous. That’s when attention starts to drift, and accidents can take place.

We recently sat down with someone involved in a garbage truck accident this past year. Hearing about the process that John had to go through mentally, physically, and emotionally was enough for us to know we needed to inform others of what to expect. While we outline everything below, first and foremost - look for the best lawyers for garbage truck accidents in your area.

What Sets Garbage Truck Accidents Apart From Others?

A garbage truck is much larger than a standard vehicle on the road. Additionally, these vehicles are often weighed down with trash they collect to take to the landfill. Therefore, the accident will typically be severe if a crash occurs between a garbage truck and a passenger vehicle. 

Those who have been in an accident with a garbage truck can attest to the severity of the situation. Being a passenger on a garbage truck is just as dangerous, with many accidents taking place with workers as well.

As John told us, had he not gone to the hospital immediately after being in the crash, he may not be here to talk to us.

Make a Report

As soon as you are capable, you want to make a report to the police. While someone will likely call in the authorities from the start, you must follow up to ensure that they are doing an investigation and where they stand in the process.

When you make the calls, be sure to document critical points of the conversation. These items include who you spoke to, the date and time, and what took place in the discussion. You should also have your own copy of the police report for reference. As John tells us:

“It is vital that you write down everything. When it comes time to file a claim, it’s best to have everything ready to hand over and prove your case.”

Keep Receipts

Even when it’s not your fault, getting into an accident is costly. Being meticulous about keeping receipts and medical bills is vital to showing the extent of your injuries. You will also want to take your own photos when possible. Pictures of your vehicle and injuries can help paint a picture of the incident later in court.

Ultimately, John advises that if there is anything that can help advocate for your innocence in the matter, it’s critical to keep a copy of it on hand. 

Look for the Best Lawyers for Garbage Truck Accidents in Your Area

John told us that, at first, he didn’t intend to hire representation. However, as the recovery process went on and he realized he couldn’t keep up with all the moving pieces, he started looking up the best lawyers for this specific purpose.

“Hiring my lawyer was the best move I made. I had no idea they would go to the lengths they did to make my case. At one point, they brought in an expert witness to reconstruct the accident and show how I wasn’t at fault!” John stated.

Final Thoughts

Talking with John, who underwent a terrible accident with a garbage truck, opened our eyes to everything that takes place when filing a garbage truck accident claim. The process isn’t cut and dry and includes a lot of situations that seem out of your control.

However, when taking John’s top advice, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. When you can take the stress of navigating the system out of your hands, you can focus on your recovery while the experts work on your behalf. 

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