Halftime-Full-time Betting Market in Sports – Tips by Tim Harrison

Bookmakers worldwide try as much as possible to make betting convenient and entertaining by providing various betting markets, with the Halftime-Full-time betting market being one of them.

Although peculiar to the game of football, several other sports, like American football, Basketball, and Rugby, also use this option on betting sites.

SmartMoneyMatch spoke with Tim Harrison, a betting expert from BetZillion, about the Halftime-Full-time market and what it comprises.

What Is the Halftime-Full-time Betting Market?

The Halftime-Full-time betting market, sometimes denoted as HT-FT bets, predicts a game's halftime and full-time score. It's more like a double bet in one.

ere, you're attempting to determine which team will win, draw or lose. However, the challenging part is determining how the game will unfold.

"Does team A have a bad first half but turn things around and win the second half? Or "Does team B start strong before losing steam and drawing or losing in the second half?" These questions will cloud your mind when it comes to the HT-FT bet.

Most importantly, to succeed using this market, your halftime-full-time wager must match the outcome of these games in halftime and full-time.

For instance, if you place an HT-FT "Draw-Win" bet on a particular team, they must tie the game at halftime, and the team must win at the end of regulation time.

So, the score can be a 1-1 or 0-0 draw at the end of the first 45 minutes and 2-1, 1-0, 2-0, etc., at the end of 90 minutes.

At Trini bet companies, just like several others, this market is only valid for results after 90 minutes, and extra time, penalty shootouts, or overtime are not included.

Possible Outcomes of the Halftime-Full-time Bet 

Whenever a bettor navigates to the Halftime-Full-time market, the bookmaker provides the various possible outcomes that might result in your bet slip.

Below is a list of the possible effects of the Halftime- Full-time market:

  1. 1/1 – The home team leads at halftime, and the home team wins full time

  2. 2/2 – Away team leads at halftime, and the away team wins full-time

  3. 1/X – The home team leads at halftime, and the home team ties at full-time

  4. 2/X – Away team leads at halftime, and the away team ties at full-time

  5. 1/2 – The home team leads at halftime, and the Away team wins the game

  6. 2/1 – Away team leads at halftime, and the home team wins the game

  7. X/1 – Both teams play a draw at halftime, and the home team wins the match

  8. X/2 – Both teams play a draw at halftime, and the away team wins the match

  9. X/X – The game ends in a tie in the first and second half

Also, this market has different variants like the correct score, goals, corner kicks, and booking, which still maintains the idea of predicting a particular variant's outcome at halftime and full-time. For instance, you could expect who will get more corner kicks at halftime and full-time.

Examples of the HT-FT Betting Market 

From the possible outcomes of this betting market, let's analyze a few examples in the Trinidad and Tobago Professional League.

Winning Example

Defence Force FC might have a game against Cunupia FC on a Trini bookmaker,  with the home team occupying the first position on the log and the away team occupying the 10th position. 

In this situation, the bookmakers will offer the home team smaller odds, say 1.09, because they are the favourite, have more quality, and occupy the league top spot.

A punter can go for the HT/FT market on the first team, predicting that they win the first and second half (1/1/) at 2.50 odds, a better one than the 1X2 Betting Market.

Defence Force FC playing 6-1 against Cunupia FC, with goals in the 5th, 13th, 35th, 42nd, 58th, and 70th minute means that your HT/FT wager is successful because they led 4-0 at halftime and eventually won 6-1 at full-time.

Here's how a game between Defence Force FC and Cunupia FC can go:

Losing Example

Looking at another instance where a punter plays an X/2 HT/FT market in a game between Central FC and W Connection FC, with the final result at 1-3.

The home team scored in the 44th minute,  and the away team scored in the 47th, 49th, and 77th minutes.

This bet is a loss because there was a win in the first half instead of the punter's prediction of a draw, with only the second-half score being correct. 

Here is what a game between Central FC and W Connection FC can look like:

Factors to Consider When Placing HT/FT Wagers

While bettors are interested in placing wagers using the HT/FT market, a few things could help you succeed.

Team Analysis and Statistics

It is vital to check a game's statistics before including them in your ticket. 

It would help if you always looked out for these factors:

  • the team's defence, 

  • attacking ability, 

  • performances in front of the home and away crowds, 

  • favourite.

  • etc.

Context of a Game

The context of a game is another crucial factor to consider when placing HT/FT bets. Why is this? 

Coaches, most times, would decide to rest key players if they were playing a friendly or less critical game, resulting in a change in the team's performance. On the other hand, the coach tends to use his best leg if it were to be a crucial match.


Furthermore, if the team is a quality side that scores many goals, they could be a great inclusion in your HT/FT bet.

Place Bets Close to Kick-Off Time

Placing bets close to kick-off is a helpful strategy bettors can implement. It is because there might be changes to the squad or any other unforeseen situation that will tell on your bet.

Pros and Cons of the HT-FT Betting Market 

Halftime-Fulltime wagers have their benefits to bettors as well as their disadvantages. Here are some of them.


  • Halftime/Full-time wagers offer valuable odds, hence lucrative profit.

  • It's easy to comprehend, even for newbies.


  • The Halftime/Full-time market poses more risks than the traditional markets, as teams are usually more concerned with the outcome of a game.


Halftime/Full-time can be risky yet rewarding, as you must pay attention to the valuable odds it offers punters. 

Betting can be tricky, but proper research and analysis would put you ahead of others. The same goes for this market despite its slim chances.

So you have to carefully consider the teams you choose while backing them with statistics to get a chance at making Halftime-Full-time bet profits.

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