How Technology is Changing the Ways We Behave

Casinos have come a long way since the Il Ridotto opened its doors in the 17th century. In the beginning, only brick-and-mortar casinos were in operation. To gamble, people had to visit physical casinos. This, however, changed in the mid-90s when online casinos were introduced into the market. Since then, real money casinos with pokies online have constantly been evolving due to intense competition, which requires adaptation. With approximately 1.6 billion people gambling daily, casinos must develop ways to satisfy the ever-growing customer base. One of the most significant ways casinos have used to persevere in the market is infusing technology with the services offered on their platforms. 

The invention of the internet ushered in a digital era that affected all aspects of life, including gambling. In addition to the worldwide web, the digital era has seen major leaps in technological developments used in our daily lives. To stay in business, casinos have incorporated tech, dramatically affecting how casino enthusiasts gamble. This editorial will discuss casinos of the digital age in relation to how technology changes the ways we gamble. Are you interested in finding out how technology has changed our gambling ways? Stay with me.

Gambling on the Go

Gone are the days when gamblers had to set aside some hours from their busy schedules to enjoy some casino action. Nowadays, that's a thing of the past, thanks to mobile technology advancements. In the past decade, giant tech companies have dedicated resources to developing smart devices which have become popular worldwide. Online casinos have seized the opportunity presented by smartphones and have developed websites compatible with said gadgets. This has greatly impacted gambling behaviors as punters can place wagers anywhere and at any time, provided they have access to a smartphone. With mobile phones, instant wagering has become the new normal, giving punters the best betting on-the-go encounters.

Additionally, casinos have come up with dedicated mobile apps that have immensely contributed to changes in how we gamble. Most casinos give gamblers real money rewards and bonus offers whenever they download and install their apps—unlike in traditional gambling, betting on mobile phones guarantees faster and cheaper payout rates. It is important to note that the younger generation, which makes up the bulk of casino clientele, has fully embraced smart gadgets. Meaning casinos that don't embrace mobile technology will be out of business soon.

Secure Banking Options

In the days gone by, casinos accepted cash, credit, and debit cards as the only means of financial transactions. These payment methods, especially cash, attracted unsavory characters who made a living by robbing casinos. This discouraged a lot of gamblers from visiting casino establishments. Likewise, credit card fraudsters targeted casino-goers for their card information to commit crimes. With improvements in financial technology, gamblers can rest easy. No one is coming for their money. One of the most secure payment modes used by casinos today is e-wallets, some of them are listed below:

  • PayPal

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • Cash App

  • Dwolla

Recently, Fintech advancements gave rise to the invention of blockchain technology. This technology is the cornerstone on which all cryptocurrencies are built on. Crypto payments give users a direct cash transaction without interference from third parties such as banks. Most casinos have started using this form of digital currency since it's universal and operates outside the reach of any government's control. Cryptocurrencies give gamblers a sense of monetary security due to their transparent financial transactions. Since cryptocurrency is arguably the most secure payment method today, gamblers tend to bet more on casinos offering crypto as a banking option.

Computer Generated Reality

Gamblers no longer need to visit physical gambling halls to get that casino feel. Thanks to significant steps made in developing virtual and augmented reality technologies, punters can get the casino experience from a place of their convenience. Since Pokémon Go AR became a sensational hit game among avid gamers, software developers have become huge in producing casino games compatible with AR and VR hardware. Virtual reality technology allows gamblers to enter a virtual gambling world, where they have a 3600 view of the casino and can interact with live dealers. All these can happen from the comfort of your bed at home.

With the correct VR gear, a gambler can also interact with other players and engage in land-based casinos activities. With this computer-generated reality, a gambler can contact others from any corner of the world provided one has excellent internet connectivity. Companies making VR hardware are toiling towards making it affordable to casino-goers, which will encourage them to use VR online casinos instead of visiting physical casinos. It is worth noting that VR and AR are still in the infancy stage and have a great potential of influencing how people gamble.

Live Video Streaming

Traditionally, people placing wagers on sports betting would wait until the final minute of the game to know the outcome of their wagers. Technological furtherance of the digital age has rectified that. Live video streaming has also affected Casino table games, allowing gamblers to interact online with real-life dealers. Presently, live poker is increasing in popularity and is among the most sought-after games by punters. High internet speeds are crucial in maintaining live video streams of any kind. Thankfully technology has given gamblers 5G for that exact purpose.

With video streaming comes great opportunities for gamblers. First, many online casino sites broadcast matches live. Some go a step further by offering commentaries and analysis on said matches. In addition to that, casino sites offer live betting markets on the games they broadcast, meaning players can wager as the match progresses. This in-play wagering has altered how gamblers can place their bets in many ways.

Final Thoughts

Technology has come far and is still evolving for the better. It has impacted all sectors known to man, and the casino industry has been no exception. As stated above, gambling tactics and behaviors have changed over the years primarily due to technological innovations, and they will continue doing so. In the future, we should expect more transformations in gambling trends. Other ways in which tech has changed our gambling ways are:

  • Improved customer care support

  • Introduction of games with a low house advantage

  • Improved security of user data through SSL encryption

  • Ability to gamble anonymously