How Much Does It Cost To Run Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

Air conditioners circulate the cool air throughout the house to maintain the temperature. Most Australian households having air conditioners reduce their usage to save money on electricity consumption bills. After all, constant use of refrigerated air conditioning may results in increased electricity bills, thus impacting your overall household budget.  However, there are various solutions available to control the cost of running and cooling your home using air conditioners.


-         How does refrigerated air conditioning work?


The refrigerant follows a complex procedure to function. You should know about the components and their functions. The internal procedure for the efficient functioning of an air conditioner needs a simple explanation.


The evaporator coil converts the liquid refrigerant into a gaseous form. Heat gets absorbed from the indoor air and passes through the refrigerant. As it passes through the coil, the inside air gets cool. The blower fan in the indoor unit functions to pump the cool back into the room through ductwork. It provides a refrigerated cooling experience in hot summers.


-         Cost to run refrigerated air conditioning in Australia


Several factors decide the cost of refrigerated air conditioning. You cannot determine the exact cost as it depends on the usage, location, season, room size, and other parameters.


You can calculate the energy consumption of an Air conditioner (AC). It requires the unit or kilowatt (kW) consumption on your bill amount. You should know that 1 kW is equivalent to 1000 watts. If there is a consumption of 60 watts in an hour then the consumption of electricity will be 60 watts x 60 hours, summing up to 3600 watts per hour. It is 3.6 kWh of electricity consumed in AC operations.


The time frame of AC operations also matters for estimating the accurate cost of electricity consumption. It tends to differ in every household according to the need and number of AC installed. The average daily cost of the AC operation is around $0.77 according to the calculation.


-         Factors having a huge impact on air conditioning electricity usage


Several reasons influence or vary the Air conditioner electricity cost. You should know about the factors consuming more power for the perfect solution to reducing cost.


       An old model of refrigerator consumes more electricity than required in general.

       The capacity of the AC and unit also determines the cost of power consumption.


The temperature in a particular area affects the use of AC and it influences the energy consumption cost. More powerful air conditioners take more power to work efficiently. In Australia, the weather is quite hot and requires AC to maintain the temperature inside houses.


-         Reduce the cost of using air conditioners


There are considerable factors that can easily control the cost of electricity consumption on air conditioners. You can potentially reduce the effect of AC on energy bills.


       Consider getting an energy-efficient air conditioner that helps reduce the cost of energy bills.

       It is best to set the air conditioner to the correct temperature. It would be best if you managed it as per need to avoid hefty electricity bill costs.

       Buy the AC at the right time as the installation and purchasing costs can be fairly seasonal.


Always keep the air conditioners clean for effective functioning. Annual or monthly maintenance should be done regularly. Continuous maintenance is a cost-effective solution. It allows you to repair the component before it gets completely damaged.

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