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How Bad Web Design of Your Site Can Affect Your Digital Marketing

The website design determines how loyal the audience will be to your brand. Some will say that the primary role is played by the quality of the product that the company produces. But this statement is relevant only when this product accidentally fell into the hands of a client from friends or when someone advised it in a store. When it comes to the service, then the recommendation of people who know about your company can also help here.

But let's imagine a situation where a potential client has no experience of interacting with your company, but got to the site through a Google search. Then it is the appearance and convenience of your Internet resource that becomes the main argument to interact with you or refuse such interaction. Let's take a look at the consequences of poor website design for your business, and why this might happen.

Inability to Focus on the Information Provided

This often happens when colors are too bright and saturated. Quite often such a visual technique seems appropriate for an entrepreneur or a company. There is an illusion that such a colorful site will look brighter and more impressive than competitors. But it's not. 

Too bright colors act as a visual stimulus. There is nothing good about them in terms of practicality. Even if a potential client is interested in your product or service, his eyesight gets tired very quickly. It becomes difficult for him to read information thoughtfully, and therefore he can leave.

The calm color scheme that most companies choose for their Internet resources does not speak of the bad imagination of web designers. On the contrary, it is evidence that they choose practicality.

Inability to find what you need

Another mistake that is often made is to clutter the site with unnecessary information. It doesn't work for you. It is difficult for a potential client to find the main thing for which he came.

Today people's attention is very dispersed. It is difficult to concentrate on one thing. When a person has to get acquainted with a large amount of information, he does not always have time for this. As a result, he again went to competitors who provided information more concisely. You can get help from website content translation services.

If you're struggling with optimizing your website's user experience and information presentation, you might want to consider hiring a skilled Vue.js developer to enhance the site's usability and ensure an intuitive navigation experience.

Advantages of Static Website Design

Amidst all the evolving trends in website design, the simplicity and efficiency of static websites cannot be overlooked. A static website design involves creating web pages with fixed content, which is sent to the user exactly as stored. This means faster load times and lower server demands compared to dynamic sites. Additionally, such designs are often more secure and less prone to cyberattacks due to their lack of databases or server-side scripts. For businesses that don't require regular content updates, static design can be an effective way to present information clearly and without distractions, enhancing the user's experience and engagement. But remember, even if a website is static, it's vital to keep the design modern, visually appealing, and in line with your brand aesthetics.

Save time for your clients. Don't force them to go through vast amounts of content to find answers to simple questions.

There is another way this problem manifests itself. The text on the site can be concise, but the menu is too complicated and incomprehensible. Set a task for the designer to make an intuitive menu that a person who visits the site for literally 3 minutes can understand. Let the information be structured so that he can find the most important and make a decision in favor of your company.

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Lack of Social Media Buttons

Today, websites perform 2 key functions - the presentation of your company and the ability to place an order. If you want something more, you need to actively connect social networks to the development of your business. They allow you to form a community that will actively comment on publications about new products, communicate with each other, and ensure demand for your product. 

And for new customers who accidentally landed on your site, a large audience on social networks will be evidence that your company is really popular. This is how social proof works. Therefore, do not forget to include social media buttons for B2B websites like TransportStakePublicity MarketplaceFunctionalSourcingEducationStake, and SmartMoneyMatch on the site.

Insufficient Presentability

Some companies devote little time and attention to maintaining the site. As a result, the Internet resource looks careless. Today, users are well versed in the issue and see where you worked hard for their comfort and where you considered it unnecessary.

If the site looks ugly and abandoned and the last update of information was a long time ago, it seems that such a business is in a state of crisis. It shows no signs of success and momentum.

Don't forget: your website says a lot about your company. Make sure this information is in your favor.

Checklist of the Main Problems of Bad Design

It is worth dwelling on other mistakes that companies make due to poor website design. They are:

  • Poor resource loading speed. If the site is slow loading, most potential customers will leave it. No one wants to spend time interacting with a website that doesn't perform well when competing companies have websites that load significantly faster. The result is a high bounce rate.

  • Lack of adaptation to mobile devices. The vast majority of users access the Internet from their smartphones. If you ignore this evidence, then you weaken your business. Using the desktop version of the site on a mobile phone is very inconvenient.