How You Can Aid Your Future Overseas Workers with Their Visa Application

To hire workers from overseas, there are various requirements you have to meet. A potential worker will need to have a job lined up with you. Meaning you need to sponsor their application for a visa. All is explained below.

The Requirements Involved in Hiring

To hire someone overseas you will need to go through a legal immigration service. This will largely be done through sponsorship programs. Know that this means an employer needs to work with an employee and the government to prove their eligibility and skills for the job. Consult the U.S. Department of Labor before you fill a job order with the State Workforce Agency.

The Benefit of Working with Attorneys

Planning on hiring from overseas? You will benefit from working with attorneys. They can assist you in getting past the various red tape involved in the process. Tap into their experience. Avoid making simple mistakes. Simple mistakes in a visa process can heavily delay a visa being completed, or even completely restrict it.

Do not work with just any attorney, but one that specializes in immigration and employment together. Farmer Law PC works with businesses and workers so that they can work through the process. They are experts in employer-assisted work visa requirements. You will get good value for the service, and get your workers in the business sooner rather than later.

Government Branches You Need to Contact

As an employer, there will be specific government branches that you need to work with if you are planning to complete the employment visas. Work with the Department of State, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, also known as USCIS, will also be involved. It’s likely that you will cross paths with the Department of Homeland Security at this time.

These branches will require certain legal steps to be taken in a specific order. The requirements will be time-restricted, with it taking a few months in some cases to complete your forms. Fill out the right forms, as otherwise, you run the risk of losing your progress and invalidating a visa.

How Long They Will Work with You

Have a clear idea of how much work you need to complete. Understand your labor demands and have a plan for hiring during busy periods. Ensure you understand your labor so that you don’t hire too many people, or too little. Time their stay well. It’s important as you need to make this clear with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services so that they can act if anything illegal happens.

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