How Your Business Can Support Health Improvement

If you are an employer, one of your biggest challenges is to ensure that every member of your team is happy and healthy at work. This is all part of your duty of care, and not only is it morally the right thing to do, but it will help in terms of your business’ productivity too. Remember, people work for around eight hours every day, not to mention the commute they need to do if they are working outside of their home. This is a large proportion of their lives, and so it’s crucial that you do what you can to support health improvement and give your workers the tools they need to achieve that. Read on to find out more about what you can do.


Encourage Regular Breaks

Sitting in front of your computer screen for hours at a time is bad for you. It’s bad for your physical health because it can cause eye strain, lead to obesity, and even cause blood clots. It’s also bad for your mental health because it can lead to stress, depression and other mental health illnesses. Therefore, it’s crucial that you encourage your workers to take regular breaks. They should, if at all possible, be taking a ten-minute break every hour. This break needs to be one they spend away from their screen, moving around, and if they can, they should go outside.


Make taking a break part of the culture of your workplace so no one feels that they have to keep working. If you have a physical office, make sure there is a separate breakroom for employees to use, and put some fresh snacks in there too. If someone works remotely, set up reminders for them to take breaks, and try to schedule any appointments and meetings with an allowance for this.


Offer Health-Focused Perks

If you want your employees to be as healthy as possible, offering them the right perks to ensure this can happen is a good idea. One thing you can do is ensure every worker has health insurance, although this is only useful after they have become sick (it might, however, help them feel less stressed to know this is in place).


Another idea is to offer gym membership and an Elite Eleven Sporting discount code to go with it so that everyone can be properly equipped for their work outs. Or why not arrange a cycle to work scheme or have a fitness instructor come in every morning to ensure your team are fit and healthy? The perks you offer will depend on your budget and the team itself, so take some time to consider what might be appropriate.


Keep Track Of Your Team’s Satisfaction

Mental health is just as important as physical health, as you have hopefully understood by now. However, many businesses do overlook this, and they keep pushing their employees to do more and more, ignoring the negative result this can have on their workers.


What you need to do as a good employee is to watch out for any signs of stress, anxiety, or depression in your team. Are they as productive as they once were? Are they joining in? Are they looking happy and healthy? If you notice anything amiss, take that person to one side and talk to them about how they are feeling. If there is a problem, they need to feel able to discuss it with you. 

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