How to gamble responsibly?

Statistics say that 85% of U.S. adults have gambled at least once. Around 1% of them fit the diagnostic criteria for pathological gambling. That’s 2 million people.

Gambling addiction affects not only the financial situation of the gambler but also their closest environment, including family and work. That’s why it is important to promote responsible gambling.

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling refers to the set of policies, measures, and requirements directed at both players and organizations, aiming to ensure gambling remains a safe and enjoyable activity. It means that players should be able to gamble within their means without risking their financial stability. Operators, on the other hand, should take steps to provide a safe gaming environment.

The role of operators in promoting responsible gambling

To prevent the development of harmful behavior resulting from gambling addiction, operators should provide suitable measures that will help their customers remain on a safe site. Here are some of the ways they can promote responsible gambling


Operators can offer customers the option to self-exclude themselves from their platform for a set period. A casino software company may add such a feature to a given system, allowing players to take a break from gambling. If one is aware of the arising problem, this option can be an effective tool for them to reduce the risk of addiction development.

Wallet limits

Casino operators and providers of other gambling services can offer customers the option to set limits on their spending. Gamblers just set the maximum amount of money they can spend in a fixed time. This way, they can easily prevent overspending, which could potentially lead to serious financial problems.

AI-based features

The incorporation of AI-powered tools into iGaming software helps detect gambling problems based on increased session duration or a growing number of losses in a short period. The technology can identify early warning indications and recommend establishing deposit limits and breaks.

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Responsible gambling statement

Last but not least, operators may encourage responsible gambling by explaining the dangers of gambling and how to bet securely on their websites. This method doesn't require special technology and complicated development operations. Providing information on the potential dangers of gambling is a good practice adopted by many services that care about their customers.

Gambling in control

Playing casino games, placing bets, or taking part in lotteries can be a risky game. One step too far and users can end up with a gambling addiction that might seriously affect the quality of their lives. That is why both users and operators should adhere to responsible gambling principles.